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It’s been months since Twilight and Timber broke up, but Twilight still has a grudge against him. When they see him in the street, what’s a better plan than fake date your friend to make him jealous?

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I wish to see more fake gf Sunset til it gets real lol

I'm thinking SciTwi might need you to write faster if her reactions in this story are any indication.

I mean you wouldn't just kiss someone unless you were really comfortable with them and trusted them unconditionally. Plus the fact she got flustered just from holding hands.

I'll be looking out for more.

That was cute.


Guess Twilight was following her heart, given her reaction time to Timber's question. :ajsmug:

Despite its short I liked it

You can say that again my appoplexian friend :pinkiehappy:

Sorry im also a Ben 10 fan and I saw your profile picture and appoplexian is the species name of rath

I know, I am too, I only did it since I've been rewatching most of the show. Only rewatching Alien Force & Ultimate Alien since its my favorite seasons/shows of Ben 10

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