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Embittered neckbeard who in 2016 accidentally fell in love with a pretty purple bookhorse and her sweet friends.

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That was a cute story. Good job.

D'aww! That was very sweet. I like how when Sunset said how she feels, it wasn't a big nervous proclamation, it was just a natural utterance that fit with the moment.

Also, it's as if Dr Turner had seen the Reneighssance with his own eyes, eh? How about that. :trixieshiftright::pinkiehappy:

Yep! Dr Turner has always been a favourite of the girls, with his snazzy bow tie and silly taste in hats, as well as his encyclopaedic knowledge of history. They're all very supportive of his upcoming reassignment surgery, too.

Thanks for the kind words!

What's a hugbox story?

It's a term I borrowed from Derpibooru. It means nice and comforting; the opposite of sadbox. Apparently it can have a dismissive connotation, but I didn't mean it to for this.

Why Manerva as opposed to Minerva?

It's supposed to be pronounced Mane err vuh, in keeping with the horsey theme, but I couldn't figure out how to spell that. Maneerva looks like it should be pronounced Man ear vuh, and I didn't want to hyphenate it, so Manerva it had to be.

Sunny and Twi on a nice walk, and the story ends with a confession and a kiss. I love that. :)

GAAAAH! Fluffy SciSet cuteness! And an Owlowiscious cameo! X3

This story deserves morrrreeee

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