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"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent" - Victor Hugo



Ever since Camp Everfree, Twilight has been asking herself the same question every night: how does one ask out Sunset Shimmer?

Normally she turns to science, but science can't help when emotion starts to override everything she does.

Inspired by the story The Sunlight Project by Space Jazz, a story I highly recommend. Also, this is my first story on this site, so all constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated.

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Oh twilight tryimg to bring a book lol. Is it the same one ur counter part used om her frist sleep over lol.

:twilightoops: What book? I don't have that book that I don't know you're talking about

Twilight can't hide from Sunset.

What's the project?!?!?

All will be revealed soon enough

Ooooooo! Sunsets powers r incersing! And aww poor twi. I hope sunset really likes her not just becase the empathy messing with her.

Something tells me things will get interesting. I personally think Sunset is an orphan. It makes all her decisions make sense. And the only line about her family "not close". Is also something orphans say to avoid the subject. But that's my headcanon i suppose. Biologically or by adoption i see Celestia as her mother.

I understand Sunset. She wants Celestia to reach out first. Not through Twilight. But personally. Until then she thinks she is still banished and won't go back

Ooo i love midnights description! Super cute and unice. Hope sunsets not to mad. But then again i lov her anger issues makes her feel real.

You know, I'm not sure I've seen Sunset being quite that keen on leaving all of her past behind her in other stories before, but I can kinda see where she's coming from. I'm interested to see where all this ends up going :twilightsmile:

Part of the inspiration was the Forgotten Friendship special that just aired, showing just how afraid Sunset is of people viewing her that way. I personally think it makes sense that she'd want to leave behind a part of herself that was capable of doing so much worse than her human self, and it also explains why she seems so dedicated to making a life in the alternate world

are you going to do a continuity? Know that you have a reader assured if your subsequent stories are like this here!

And what's this? What's this? There's color everywhere. What's this? What's this? The color makes her stare....

is a quote from Nightmare Before Christmas? I ask you because being Italian the film I did not see it in English but the words seeming those of Jack's song when he discovers the city of Christmas. And I have to assume that you did not put it by accident, right?

Yes, this will be a continuity, and thank you very much for sticking with it. Right now I'm caught between between a follow-up story studying the portal's escaping magic, and a story focusing on another pair.

That is indeed a reference to A Nightmare Before Christmas, with the lyrics altered slightly to fit as a hint towards a future story.

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