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Rarity must beg for Sunset Shimmer's forgiveness. But can the awful things she said ever be forgiven?

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I always did like this particular ship.

Darling, how can I not feel guilty? The spell didn’t make me say that, it just made me forget that we had become friends.

Oooh, that's actually a really good point :raritywink:

Upvoted just for the term "marshmelodrama".

Yes, “marshmelodrama” of itself was enough to catch my attention and curiosity. Upvote and placement on the “recommended” bookshelf. :raritystarry:

Thank you to all who take the time to upvote and/or comment.

I would like to see a second chapter, where the two actually confess their feelings for each other, but this is mighty fine regardless.

Excellent; I truly enjoyed the movie that this is based on, so to see a bit of a sequel, explaining at least a possible aftermath from Rarity's outbursts, I suppose.

You make good points from the movie and I would feel guilty and inconsolable about saying such things in Rarity's place, even with the spell. I do love how Sunset thinks that her melodrama is cute, yet doesn't show it to prevent hurting her unintentionally. Again, I would do the same.

I loved the end bit too and I saw it arriving. It appears as if the amaranth and gold haired lady isn't the only lady with some hidden feelings, yet it appears that Rarity may know something of Sunset's for her.

As befits a Rarity tale: elegantly done. :raritywink:

Not bad. Little short though.

Guilt affects everyone differently, the more you care for someone the more the guilt hurts when you feel you wronged them.


Yes, that is undoubtedly correct. Regardless, I loved the movie and this tale of yours thereafter.

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