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"If you want to get better at anything, you have to be able to enjoy being bad at it."


As a final special outing before Twilight leaves for college, she and Sunset venture to the northern section of Norway, where the sun never sleeps.

If only someone told Sunset beforehand.

Entry for Sunset Shipping Contest: Journeys

Pre-read by Arcticbrony and Chris the Blue. Many thanks for their feedback!

And extra thanks to Arcticbrony for assisting in bringing the beauty of Norway and its language to this story.

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Absolutely adorable. Now if you excuse me, I need to bring up google translate. And avoid making a Led Zep joke.

An absolutely wonderful experience reading this story. :raritystarry: :heart:

Well, that hit me right in the feels... and really close to home, too. Thanks for the read, dude.

Aww, that was so sweet.
Beautiful writing :twilightsmile:

... Some people stay engaged for years. It’s not that huge of a commitment these days, Twi. You should have said yes and saved a lot of potential drama.

Author Interviewer

Well, that was cute. :) And now I don't need to go to Norway! :V

Check your Christmas stocking! :pinkiehappy:

we have to take the bus to Narvik. That's an hour and a half

What? This ain't right.

Evenes and Narvik is not THAT far from each other. Two things: One: There is no bus that goes from Evenes airport to Narvik. Two: It only takes 53 minutes to drive.

Hei, jeg er Twilight Sparkle. Ditt Land er velig Vakker.

I'm speechless...HOW DID SHE LEARN SO MUCH SO FAST?!:pinkiegasp:
She only missed two words. Hva i helvete?

fair-haired with blue eyes.

Not necessarily.


This translates to 'cover'.

'Den som venter på noe godt venter ikke forgjeves.'


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