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Let's Discuss Forgotten Friendship (SPOILER WARNING) · 3:59am Yesterday

As a quick introduction, I am hoping to post a blog on this site every time a new episode or special airs for any of my followers to discuss. I will essentially be giving a quick review of the episode, mostly pertaining to standout moments within the episode, good or bad. Also, it needs to be said that I am not a professional reviewer, nor do I expect to be regarded as such. With that said, let's dive into the special.

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Thank you very much. I've had an idea for a few large stories over the years, set in a continuity much like how you have homecoming set, but I decided it'd be best to have some feedback on small stuff first. Although I have a habit of checking and rechecking any of my work (I sound like Twilight), and I don't have anyone handy as a proofreader just yet, so imma see how things go

And darn, no Sunset emoji yet


Don’t panic, first and foremost. Write and when you feel it’s done, edit. Then have someone you trust look it over. You can never proofread enough I’ve learned. You can check my comment sections for most of the stories and see stuff that was missed until a reader spotted it. :twilightsheepish:

If you don't mind, I've been planning on writing my own stories on this site. Any advice you'd give to a beginner?

Well, I hope I continue to live up to that praise! :twilightsmile:

I have to admit, when I first started reading the Homecoming continuity, I had no idea what I was in for. Every story so far has been absolutely amazing, from the short one-chapter fluff stories to the epic adventures I never saw coming having originally started as a simple Sunlight fic. I love what you've done with each of the characters, and your creativity knows no bounds. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see what you have in store next!

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