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“Immortal princesses,” Starlight Glimmer said. “It really works, I’m telling you.” Sol 354, The Maretian

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Unicorn Ice Cream · 12:20am October 29th

So, passing through wal-mart, looking for pumpkin flavored ice cream, I noticed something named Unicorn Sparkle ice cream by Great Value, the wal-mart house brand. Suffice it to say, I had to buy it.

Unicorn Sparkle

It tastes like cake. I think Pinkie would approve.
:pinkiehappy: noperoonie! It should taste like parties!

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Thanks very much for the follow! I'm glad you're enjoying my work so far.

Thanks so much for adding The Return of Sunset to your favorites! I'd love to know what you thought! :raritystarry:

Thanks for the follow!

Yeah. You're the author formerly known as Allykitty, right? Of Sunset/Sci-Twi fame? Lost track of your stories when your named changed back in April -I think-? since I hadn't followed you yet. Thats been corrected.

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