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“Immortal princesses,” Starlight Glimmer said. “It really works, I’m telling you.” Sol 354, The Maretian

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Chaos most glorious · 10:29pm September 8th

I never really thought about it much until just recently, but there is a certain generation of Anime fans out there that know what Ranma 1/2 is. That's the English title. In Japanese, it's Ranma Nibunnoichi. The time period the anime was showing in Japan predates Neon Genesis Evangelion (arguably a more famous series) by a few years, but for the most part, both came to the US in about the same time period, back when VHS cassettes were a thing and dubbed anime song tracks were common in the

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Oh hey! Thanks for the watch! You’re awesome!

Thanks very much for the follow! I'm glad you're enjoying my work so far.

Thanks so much for adding The Return of Sunset to your favorites! I'd love to know what you thought! :raritystarry:

Thanks for the follow!

Yeah. You're the author formerly known as Allykitty, right? Of Sunset/Sci-Twi fame? Lost track of your stories when your named changed back in April -I think-? since I hadn't followed you yet. Thats been corrected.

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