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Lucky Ness

Feel free to hit me up for a round of Splatoon, Smash, Go-Karting, or just a simple Pokemon Battle! Switch Code: SW-4300-8014-3548 Wii U Username: JClegg96 3DS Code: 0834-7329-9828


Lucky Ness's Bio (Lucky 777 Special!) · 5:00am Jun 25th, 2017

Hi! I'm Lucky Ness, but my friends and family know me by the name Jace A. Clegg. I'm a 23 year old Brony whose top 5 favorite ponies, in order from favorite to least favorite, are Fluttershy, Rainbow, Sunset, Scootaloo, and Starlight. My favorite color is blue, which is fairly obvious from my ponysona, and my favorite animal is the penguin. I'm also a major gamer, with a major love for RPGs like Earthbound/Mother, Mario and Luigi, Pokemon, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Brave

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Fitting Nicknames Part 1: Kanto (001-151) · 12:54am March 17th

I have decided to take this undertaking as a challenge to myself. I am terrible at coming up with nicknames for my Pokemon, and I think that this could help me with that (that and I realized how fun it is to nickname them in my recent playthrough of Moon). For this, I will be covering this by evolutionary family (Charmander, Chameleon, and Charizard as one name, for instance, since most people stick with one nickname), and breaking this into pieces based on origin region. Regional variants will

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Links to OC Bios and Blog Story Compilations · 1:41am May 29th, 2017

Links to the bios for all my OCs, provided in one convenient place!
Ocean Breeze:

Papyrus Scroll/Solar Eclipse/Lunar Eclipse:

Celestial Firework/Pop Quiz/Solar Flare/Soldering Torch:

Game and Pony/Lava Flow/Fault Line/Crimson Skull:

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