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Hoi, I'm GE12 aka GachaverseEmma12 About: I'm an anime nerd who likes to try writing random stuff and making drawings Status: Decent

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Thanks for the follow! May I ask what for, if that’s alright?

Thanks for the fave and the watch! :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the favorite and the follow! :twilightsmile:
And welcome to the site! :pinkiehappy:

Welcome to FIMFiction and I hope you have a fun time here!:twilightsmile:

Welcome to FanFiction! I remember when I was new. If you have any questions, just comment on my user page here. Also, if you write any FimFiction stories, it would be my pleasure to help you! You seem like a great pony (That's what we call everyone here), and I would also like to get to know you more, and for us to be good friends. Also, if you feel new, I know someone who is new too, and it's always worth a celebration :pinkiehappy: to have a new pony to meet.
Hope you enjoy your day,

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