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Welcome to the Codex Equus Group Folder. Codex Equus is an ongoing, collaborative World Building project on DeviantART by Red Qilin (DeviantART Name: BrutalityInc) and many other writers.

The Codex is a detailed series of entries detailing a large number of things about Equestria and Equus as a whole, including the nations, cultures, history, animals and plants, magic and technology, and many many other facets of the world.

Codex Equus attempts to massively expand, elaborate, and otherwise add additional details to the land of Equestria and the world beyond it, and also that of the 'Ages of Known History' (G1-G4), speculating and building upon what canon and optional canon material already been provided.

Disclaimer: MLP is the property of Hasbro, Lauren Faust and other producers related to the franchise. Please support their official release.

[[WIP: Group Folder very much a work in progress. First entries from DeviantART would be ported within the near-future]]

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