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I'm a human who lives on the planet Earth.


An Update Of Sorts · 9:53am Apr 16th, 2019

As far as fanfic goes, I'm currently actively working on three stories. Two of them are new ones I mentioned when I ended my hiatus - Rariquest and Her Chosen Princess of the Sun. As an aside, I've found Cozy Glow's character to be quite close to the character I was going for with Sunset Shimmer in Her Chosen Princess of the Sun, though the role they fill is very different so I still want to get around to writing that eventually. The bigger issue is the Season 9 Premiere addressed the same

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"Would you mind reading over my "stories stories stories" blog post?"

You know, fimfiction has a blog feature, I wrote a blog post with "stories stories stories" in it's name.

1202459 I'm sorry, but I don't understand.:applejackunsure:


Could you comment on said blog post please?


Story added to read later, I'll see if I ever get around to reading it. Spike and the Maniac looks a little long, it's not a clopfic, is it? I'm amused you wrote an Animal Farm story, though me my brother never actually started writing ours, we just joked about it. Would you mind reading over my "stories stories stories" blog post?

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