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Movie Review · 7:10am Oct 9th, 2017

Since the critical reviews for the movie have been so sporadic, I've decided to write my own. First off, I'm going to say that while the movie definitely has flaws, it was far better than I was expecting. For any fans of the show, it's a must see, but I'll also recommend it to any fans of 2d animation, and it's at least a decent choice for a family film. For people outside of those demographics, it's not bad (unless you absolutely hate anything sugary like some biased critics who are an insult

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"Would you mind reading over my "stories stories stories" blog post?"

You know, fimfiction has a blog feature, I wrote a blog post with "stories stories stories" in it's name.

1202459 I'm sorry, but I don't understand.:applejackunsure:


Could you comment on said blog post please?


Story added to read later, I'll see if I ever get around to reading it. Spike and the Maniac looks a little long, it's not a clopfic, is it? I'm amused you wrote an Animal Farm story, though me my brother never actually started writing ours, we just joked about it. Would you mind reading over my "stories stories stories" blog post?

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