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After being abandoned by her mother in the Everfree forest, Derpy is taken in by the kind earth pony Mary Doo, who tries to do all in her power to unlock Derpy's inner genius from her seemly broken body and mind. As Derpy learns to communicate she also learns the secrets of the world, makes friends, falls in loves, all on her quest to learn to fly so that she may finally accomplish her life long dream and face her face dark past.

This is a spin-off of Bubbles: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/03/story-bubbles.html

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Make sure you read over it and fix grammar. I do like this story. I Favorited it and thumbs up. Nice story. Great writing. Keep it up. On to chap. 2.

Daaaaaawww. Keep up the good work.

This story is cute, and I am enjoying it. Keep it going! And when I say it is cute, I mean it in a non-offensive way towards what I usually read. I mean like I really enjoy it no matter what. I am having a hard time explaining this oh well. :derpytongue2:

KEEP IT UP!!! :ajsmug:

Doctor Whooves=Speedy Hooves?


This story made me all happy on the inside.
But then I thought why not take that happiness outside.
I now spend my days inside out, but I regret nothing.

Good story by the way.


Foo Fighters? Rad.:rainbowkiss: Will read later!


Yeah. It will be explained later on, it's important.

In order to prevent it from being confused with another story of the same name, I've added a subtitle. I hope no one minds.


I've reread it I made a few changes. Tell me if there is anything specific that I missed.

They're not going steady:applejackunsure:

Ok. Grammar Nazi mode activated.
" I learned what sound each meant quickly enough, and soon I become to recognize words."
I learned what each sound meant [quick enough] [quickly], and soon I began to recognize words.
I suggest you use quickly, but quick enough will also work. Also at this point, it feels slightly rushed, but i'm thinking about it and i don't know how i would put more detail into her learning her letters. So i vote it's fine.
"One problem with this was I could only communicate when I got Miss Doo..."
One problem with this was that I could only communicate when I got Miss Doo...
Another minor mistake, but that's what i'm supposed to be fixing, is it not?

And thats all i found. I think i liked this story better then second time through!


Are you trying to tell me to de-capitalize the I's? That doesn't make any sense. However, I do see that the phrasing of that sentence is odd or doesn't make sense, I think placed the wrong word at one spot or left something out. I'll see if I can make the learning letters section any longer. I also think the section in part 2 where she improves her speaking ability is a bit rushed, but I needed to get her to be able to communicate with Speedy Hooves in a reasonable amount of time for the course of the story, even if its not entirely realistic.

thats fine, and i understand. Like I said, I feel like it should have more detail in it, but I have no idea what I'd put. Although more detail may end up making the story longer than it needs to be.
Sorry about that. My shift key and I tend not to agree. I edited my comment.

I can't wait until you write more with this story.

Hmmm...Where does Dinky come into play?


The escape from the dragon part felt like it happened a bit too fast, but the rest was pretty good. The two seem to play off each other well.

Oh my god I truly love this story.

Being autistic myself Derpy's story is much more sad and relatable for me. It's so sad what happened to her, with her parents calling her retard and all.


Well, it was only her mom that called her retard, but whatever :derpytongue2:. Yes, Derpy is supposed to be autistic in this story. I'm glad my story touched you.

Eventually Miss Doo decided she was going to let go into Ponyville, if I was with Speedy as she would rather I’d be alone with a friend of the opposite sex than being alone without anyone I know.
This line confuses me greatly.

I really liked this chapter. Now for the grammar nazi i. Out of the three it was the worst with grammar. Most of them are missing or extra words.


I'll go fix that. I really should have pre-edited this chapter, I'll do that now. Corrections are bold.
"Eventually Miss Doo decided she was going to let me go into Ponyville, as long as I was with Speedy as she preferred me being alone with a friend of the opposite sex than than if I was alone without any I knew." Does it make sense now? This sentence was very hard for me to phrase in the first place, so me leaving out words didn't make it any better.


I agree with you. I was being rushed when I wrote that part. I added some stuff so it's a bit longer and more climatic now.

Yep! Much better! Sorry for being such a grammar nazi... but it's kind of an urge for me...

I think this is my favorite line. I can't stop saying it...
big ponies, small ponies, blue ponies, pink ponies, girl ponies and boy ponies


Don't be sorry. My work needs editing.

okie dokie lokie! im reading through it again right now.

"Eventually Miss Doo decided she was going to let me go into Ponyville, as long as I was with Speedy as she preferred me being alone with a friend of the opposite sex than than if I was alone without any I knew."
"I’ll never make fun of you. Let me tell you something. People often make a fun of my eyes."
just take out 'a' in the second sentence.
"He said there's different types of cute, and while there was overlap in the cute I had with Fluttershy, I was also a different type of cute then Fluttershy."
Then should be than. I think this was more of a habit mistake, since you used the right then/than in other places.

I love how you change the typical view of Ditzy. Like, a lot of people view her as silly(half negatively, half positively), clumsy, not really useful to anyone (that's at least the impression i get from others). But you make her intelligent, needed, important, silly in a positive way.

:rainbowkiss: I really love this story so far, maybe a little fast, but aside from that it's perfect. Keep up the good work!

I must has more. Also, Derpy is so friggin adorable!!! :pinkiehappy:


Oh, you'll get more, eventually. I was planning on trying to finish this before April ends, but it looks like that isn't going to happen. Right now I'm bogged down with prepping for AP tests, practicing for the school play, English Homework, headaches from lack of sleep:pinkiesick:, planning and a executing my Eagle Project, filming a video, preparing for moving out of Brazil:fluttershysad:, and writers block for the scene I'm currently writing. My life is sort of hell right now:twilightangry2:, and I want more than anything for all my problems to just go away so I can continue writing.

489120 Awww.... I know how hard all that stuff is, including (To some degree) the eagle project. I've helped plan and worked on several.

:heart:Because of this story, I love you.

So, this is a Bubbles sequel?
It's really cute.


Yes it is, at least to a degree.

534511 Sweet, bubbles left me with a bittersweet taste. I hate Derpy's mom with a burning passion.




Thank you everyone! Learn to Fly now has over 100 favorites, 50 upvotes, and no downvotes!

453419 please do the next part soon, i cant stand cliff hangers, i want more, please :raritycry::fluttercry:


The next part will be up once its finished and I've checked over it. I've written around 2,500 words in this part so far. I don't really consider the ending of this last chapter a cliff-hanger, but unfortuantely for you I might have to end this next part with a cliff hanger. If you want I can post a preview for the next part. Hopefully I'll have more time to write soon, AP Tests are finishing this week, I took the BC Calculus Test this morning.

:fluttercry: So marry Doo dies?
Well life goes on and she now has a loving husband a beautiful child.:fluttershysad:

noooooooooo! I really like this story! But if your not going to update it for a while I understand.

Just remember, when life gets you down, buy a comforter. :derpytongue2:

613873 As I now work at Bed Bath & Beyond, I whole-heatedly endorse this statement. :pinkiehappy:


The final part is probably going to be finished a lot faster than this part. It might be shorter, and a lot of the things that were consuming my time are gone now. AP are done, my Eagle project is done except for writing the report, the school play's closing night is in a week, ect. Also, that last line was from Derpy's perspective, not mine.

Derpy and I thought this was very good and it warms my heart to see derpy so happy that this story is about her, even if she is just a filly she understands alot of it. She is very excited to what will happen next and is jumping around the room so I'll probably go now to calm her down.

This story is truely amazing.:derpytongue2:

Speedy? It's fine but... Speedy? Is that what fanon decrees now?

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