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Not just your favorite but the best.(debatable)

Comment posted by TVnGames deleted Apr 28th, 2016

I had the most awesome dream about this ship several days ago, and now I am on a quest to read as many stories as I can!

I am currently working on a depy x dr.whooves fanfic so when I finally submit the prolouge and 1st chapter plz check it out! :derpytongue2::scootangel:

My favorite pony ship! Hooray! :derpyderp1:

hey everypony! i was just checking out this group and saw how it needed help staying afloat! (and that it was derpy x dr whooves) so i decided to join! :D

I had a Derpy x Doctor fanfic and its just a little fluff but I'm thinking about rewriting it! :twilightsmile:

this is the most perfect ship ever. i absolutely loooove it and there is a group for it! yay!


I'll be writing a clopfic eventually myself. :duck::duck:

What's up fellow DerpyxDoctor lovers? Now, my own story that I'm uploading doesn't feature DerpyxDoctor yet, but bear with me, it eventually will. :twilightsmile:

Please don't delete this group. I love this pairing. Please don't delete it! :fluttercry:
:heart::heart: hugs for you for creating this group!

This is my second favourite pairing, yet it only has 8 members? Sad. Please don't delete it. Give it some time. :fluttershysad:

Its really easy to delete but please dont. im going to try to keep this group afloat now that ive found it. the very idea of this group has brought up a large group of fans for a group without any stories! and by afloat i mean holding ponies intrest and not being that one group that you forgot about but are still a part of.

I was trying to find a group for Derpy X Dr. Whooves stories, but had no clue what to do. So... I accidentally created this group, and don't know how to delete it. Any help would be great.

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