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Update · 11:18pm Sep 22nd, 2012

For those of you playing along at home: I've gotten my life back together in large part, and am doing a round of editing and revising on Derpy Heart in preparation to submitting it to Equestria Daily. Hopefully updates will follow soon, and I also have a new story in the works.

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Thanks for following, lover.


Oh! No, you don't have me confused for anyone else. I just didn't recognize your name from that forum.


I'm sorry, do I have you confused for someone else? I could have sworn that Derpy Hearts lead me here from Equestria Forums.

Either way, I'm very glad you've found a readership.:pinkiesmile:


Where do you go?

I'm glad that you've found an audience for your story here! EqF is a great forum filled with people I really like and respect... but it's not exactly the place where people go to find stories to read!:raritywink:

Best of luck with all of your writing!:twilightsmile:

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