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Derpy spends too much time in fanon being a tragic character, and deserves to be happy. This is a story about a recent addition to Ponyville who falls for the wall-eyed pegasus. After some setbacks, he eventually manages to keep his hoof out of his mouth for long enough to do something about it, and grow closer to Derpy and her daughter.

Apologies to anyone who prefers to call her Ditzy. Derpy is the name I prefer... but no hard feelings I hope?

Cover art by the wonderful Scruffy.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 114 )

oops sorry I'll erase my story then. (Click) sorry about that, Im all about sad fictions.


There's nothing at all wrong with sad fictions. I just saw all of the sad fictions and wanted her to have some happy stories also.

I'll try that sometime, though the reason I write sad fictions is because happy moments and people only last for so long, it's the life scarring events that make sad fictions memorable.


That's fair enough. Those can be quite good and quite touching. I just thought that Derpy deserved a break and maybe a date.

I love your writing and can't wait for the next chapter. Agreed that sadfics can be very touching, but I also totally agree with you that Derpy deserves a break, and to be shown in a different light sometimes :derpytongue2:

259985>>260030 Strange how I just submitted a sad derpy fiction 3 hours ago then this.


Why is that strange? A lot of people submit a lot of things. I wrote the chapter this morning.

260069 Are you drunk, dude? Because you're both reacting strangely, and overreacting, to the existence of this story.

What? Oh no no no of course not!:pinkiecrazy: (Seriously though, why would I be drunk, I was just being Raritydramatic:) I'm too young to drink anyways

I turned over a new leaf, for one comment, back to the old sad fictions now if you'll excuse me.:fluttercry:

Alright, first Derpy fic I've ever read. Let's do this!!!

I love it!:twilightsmile: so cute and touching! it is about time derpy got a love story! :derpyderp1: keep the chapters coming!!:derpytongue2::pinkiehappy::yay:

im not gonna read this, because derpy doesnt deserve to be happy. shes a retarded little bucknut with no earthly buisness being as popular as she is.

:trollestia:261033 Everypony deserves to be happy, were bronies, we love and tolerate everypony/everybody be it pony or human. I hope nopony hate comments from this ..... opinion on Derpy. :flutterrage:

Never knew there was a Dinky Tag

I noticed a missed word and a misplaced quotation mark when he's talking to AJ. I'm liking this one so far, keep it up.


Thanks! I'll look for that. I plan to do a minor revision anyway.

I'm not seeing it... care to help?


(“Well, I think it's pretty plain what gotta do, “Applejack said) That is missing a 'you' and the second quotation mark is backwards.

Side note, that picture Fluttrick posted is killing the page for me, just lags like crazy going over it.

264705 Thanks!


Really sorry, but I'm going to delete the comment with the awesome derpy picture. It's making my and other people's browsers choke.

Everyone, go here for a cute Derpy picture: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/276/8/6/derpy_is_a_happy_pony_by_noxwyll-d4bpemz.png

264961 Eh I don't mind. Just wanted to express happiness and derp = happy derpy!:yay:

This story rocks and gives me a warm feeling inside. Please add more soon!

I really liked this chapter and thought it was diabetic levels of d'awww. I know you probably put a lot of effort into this, but the part that sticks in my head the most out of all the lines of dialogue and monologue is the part when Dovetail is like "Rainbow Swift or whatever." That part made me laugh my ass off for some reason, I like the idea that Dovetail is like Rainbow = meh.

Peace Out and I look forward to more fic.


Thanks! I've always been fascinated by stories set in a universe that the viewers or readers know, where the minor characters are featured, and they don't know the primary characters nearly as well as we do, like the "Lower Decks" ST:TNG episode.That was what I was going for... but now that you mention it it's nice to see somepony not being obsessed with Dash.

Please please more soon! I love it!

warm fuzzies. Yay.

And Dinky is just adorable in this...

Oh my gosh, I love this. You really make these characters come alive. This is how I saw Derpy when I first saw TLR, a happy, vivacious mare that doesn't let anything get to her and doesn't need any pity. Dovetail has such a unique perspective and way of speaking, and it's such a pleasure to read. He just tells it like it is. And the way he's so grounded and practical but maybe a bit naive makes it even cuter and funnier when he gets all flustered about Derpy. :twilightsmile: And Dinky reminds me so much of how I was when I was little! It's so rare to see a child actually act like a child in any kind of fiction. I think people forget what it's like or focus too much on making things clear enough for their readers to understand (and grossly underestimate the intelligence of their average reader:facehoof:).

This story is awesome, and happy Derpy is best Derpy!

Hee, that was very very cute. Looking forward to reading more! :twilightsheepish:

Finally! God I've been waiting for this chapter forever! Haha.


Sorry. I'm trying not to take so long that people lose interest. I got stuck on one small aspect of this FOREVER.


(I missed this comment notification for some reason)

Wow, thank you. That's one heck of a pile of compliments. You seem to have noticed and approved of a lot of the things that I've worked really hard to achieve. Especially Dovetail's perspective. It's hard writing a first person character who is very little like yourself, but it's also freeing, and full of possibilities.

Thanks for reading!

I don't mind waiting a while to have quality reading material, and it looks like you've delivered just that. Kudos.


Well, there are now 2800 or so words more to read! :rainbowlaugh:



Expect the next update to be a 40k word novel some time in 2016. :derpytongue2:

yay! im glad you didnt forget about us :) really good update man!


I could never forget about my hordes of... well, my several adoring... well somewhat interested fans. :derpytongue2:

Rainbow Whatever was awesome at the end. I said it last time I still think the joke is funny b/c she has tons of fans and it's a little humbling to see someone go, meh. It's a good thing they can call Fluttershy to keep Dash from killing those two poor sods, because we all saw in that last episode that Shy can beat the crap out of Dash in 10 seconds flat. As for the rest of the story it was very d'awww and it's great to see someone actually respect ditzy a lot. I can't wait for the next chapter this fic is light and fluffy and feel good.

peace Out.


I've gotten a few good comments on my treatment of Rainbow Dash. You put your finger (hoof?) on the reason quite well. I'm glad it's working.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad it's giving some people some enjoyment.

Also, I hope I don't ruffle any feathers, but I'm sticking with "Derpy". However, I'm happy to love and tolerate those in the "Ditzy" camp. :)

really cute! :) i like this fic a whole lot!:heart::derpyderp1:

yay that was a good update! i cant wait for more because you know i like this story :pinkiehappy:

I didn't have diabetes before I read this chapter, but now I do...Thanks a lot. Really Dinky is adorable. I think this fic came out on the same day that two other Depry fics came out and out of the three I think I like this one the most, in terms of pacing and overall tone and character development. Dovetail isn't a social retard, and as a character he's got qualities that make for a strong protagonist. Derpy in this fic has a lot of the same positive qualities, she comes off as witty, d'awww and hilarious. Dinky is just adorable for the sake of being adorable. Kudos to you for but trying to bog this down with too much drama and just making this a lighthearted romantic comedy. I really liked this chapter. :pinkiehappy: :twilightsheepish:


Peace Out


That is exactly what I have been trying to do. Since you described pretty much my entire list of goals for this story, that tells me I'm probably getting them across reasonably well. There's nothing wrong with over the top zaniness or sad tragic drama... but I felt like there was a bit too much of that, and wanted to balance them out. Thank you for reading and commenting! More to come soon!


Glad you liked it! I just need to ruminate a while on the next chapter before I write it. Hopefully it won't take too long.

This is really good. It's nice to see a Derpy fic that isn't sad for once.:twilightsmile:

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