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Hey, does anypony know who write the fanfic were Twilight Sparkle turns into Werelight Shine?

Hey thanks for your faving Flesh Masks. It's always nice to know that my work is enjoyable. :twilightsmile:

Alright, I'll say it now, I'm a nobody on this site, except maybe a lurker and an occasional rabid commentator. But, I want it known, that I'm rootin' for yah, because I think you've got some enough talent to to be worth knowing. I'm waiting for another page, another chapter, another bit from you.

I'm looking at my own comment, and I'm sure it looks forced and probably a little trite, buuuut, that only cuz i have no clue how to make it sound like my natural self without resorting to a dozen swear words across the span of 4 or 5 sentences and running a whole complex thought into one very, very, very, very long sentence, or sounding like a very big weird.......like so.:facehoof::twilightblush:

alright, before another hoof clocks mach 4 as it rockets into my craw, here's a watch, here's a fave, and here's a lurk and spaz from me to you. Good luck!

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