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New Story. · 2:36am Aug 7th, 2017

There's a new story in the Tales of a Wizard series.

Tales of a Wizard: Creeping Shadows

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I just finished Flesh Masks and I have to say that was an amazing story. I see you just posted a sequel story and I can't wait to start.

2289295 Ditto. Dresden stories are among my favorite on this site, I am eager to see when one of my favorites gets a sequel. :twilightsmile:

Any follow up to Flesh Masks?

1598759 Okay that fine by me :pinkiehappy: I was just curious

1574615 Unfortunately I don't have an estimate for you. I've been busy swapping my free time between a commissioned project for another website and my own original story I've been working on. I haven't really had much time for Fimfiction beyond my semi-regular browsing. Though I have had a number of ideas floating around my brain about a few random funnies I could have Dresden encounter getting settled with his new position and the events that occur near the end of season 3. I'll probably jot those down and post them here when my creative well for non-pony fiction runs dry (judging by my rapidly declining attention span while writing other things, this is likely to be soon).

  • Viewing 9 - 13 of 13
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