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This story is a sequel to Tales of a Wizard: Passing Connections

The White Council's war against the Red Court vampires continues on and has grown nearly out of control. With every passing day the Red Court push harder and seize control of more lands, and more hunting grounds. However, with their new Equestrian allies, the White Council has gained the much needed strength necessary to try and turn the tide against one of Earth's most dangerous supernatural predators.

Harry Dresden and the Elements of Harmony must be called upon to counter the Red Court's latest movement against the White Council. They must be careful however, for a new shadow lurks in the theater of war.

Pre-read and edited by NaughtSought

This is now firmly splitting off from the source material. After the events of Flesh Masks, this story diverges widely from both MLP after Magical Mystery Cure, and The Dresden Files after White Night. It is not necessary to have read The Dresden Files to read this, as I will explain Dresden's history as it becomes relevant to the story. At the time of writing, I haven't read Cold Days or any novel onward, so please no spoilers in the comments.

I am now adding the AU tag to this story as I must very slightly alter how some of the magic in MLP works to fit into the logic of the Dresden books. 99.9% of the MLP world remains the same, save for one or two things. There is one interesting biological consequence of this logic which I actually quite like and will elaborate on early in the story.

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This story is a sequel to Tales of a Wizard: Flesh Masks

These are the events immediately following the conclusion of Flesh Masks. The Equestrian world continues on its evolution, as do the powers within the Nevernever and beyond. Old enemies rise to defend their home, new allies are made, and new heights are reached by our heroes.

This is a collection of short stories meant to update the world of Flesh Masks with the more recent events in My Little Pony, and their first steps into the Nevernever, before the proper sequel to Flesh Masks. I may add more scenes as they appear in my head, but the current list of expected events are:
The aftermath of Discord's redemption
Equestria's first formal meeting with the White Council
Twilight's ascension

You need to have read Tales of a Wizard: Flesh Masks to have an understaning of what's going on

Pre-read and edited by NaughtSought. (Thanks a ton, friend)

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Pinkie Pie comes home from playing with her friends and seeks the solitude of her bedroom to rest and recuperate. Though, with the tasks of her daily life satisfied, her subconscious rears its head and brings to light that which she hides away in the recesses of her soul. The task of creating and maintaining a mask for the world to see, is a long and arduous one.

Takes place after the events of Season 3 Episode 3: Too Many Pinkie Pies (You need to have seen this episode before reading).

This is a little one shot commission my friend asked of me for his Nightmare Night fun.

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The vampires of the Red Court are vile and cunning creatures, they attempt to conquer or destroy everything around them. Now a small group of the vampires have stumbled across a new world to take for their own, but they did not come alone. Wizard Harry Dresden and Knight of the Cross Michael Carpenter chased after the creatures and now find themselves trapped in the same world the vampires are slowly taking. They must lend their experience to the local inhabitants if they are to fight off the growing horde, and the new Red King.

I will explain the Dresden history as it becomes relevant to the story. So it is not necessary to have read the Dresden books to understand what's going on.

Edited by: NaughtSought

Takes place before the season three finale of MLP, and sometime after the events of the White Night novel. So no Princess Twilight or Winter Knight Harry, sorry. At the time of writing, I haven't read Cold Days or any novel onward, so please no spoilers in the comments.

I do not own any of the Dresden/MLP characters.

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