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This story is a sequel to Tales of a Wizard: Passing Connections

The White Council's war against the Red Court vampires continues on and has grown nearly out of control. With every passing day the Red Court push harder and seize control of more lands, and more hunting grounds. However, with their new Equestrian allies, the White Council has gained the much needed strength necessary to try and turn the tide against one of Earth's most dangerous supernatural predators.

Harry Dresden and the Elements of Harmony must be called upon to counter the Red Court's latest movement against the White Council. They must be careful however, for a new shadow lurks in the theater of war.

Pre-read and edited by NaughtSought

This is now firmly splitting off from the source material. After the events of Flesh Masks, this story diverges widely from both MLP after Magical Mystery Cure, and The Dresden Files after White Night. It is not necessary to have read The Dresden Files to read this, as I will explain Dresden's history as it becomes relevant to the story. At the time of writing, I haven't read Cold Days or any novel onward, so please no spoilers in the comments.

I am now adding the AU tag to this story as I must very slightly alter how some of the magic in MLP works to fit into the logic of the Dresden books. 99.9% of the MLP world remains the same, save for one or two things. There is one interesting biological consequence of this logic which I actually quite like and will elaborate on early in the story.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 25 )

And when I almost give up all hopes for Flesh Masks sequel... HAH!


It's here!

This is amazing. I didn't expected to see a sequel of Flesh Masks, so this was a very pleasant surprise. Have a fav.

Well, now I know what's up next on my re-read list.


I'm very glad to see this finally come out. Your last two stories were great, so I'm very much looking forwards to seeing where this goes. I do have to admit that I'm a tiny bit disappointed you didn't wind up writing the party after the flying lesson and the associated Dresden/Rainbow bonding, but I have to say that I'll take this major story over an isolated chapter any day so I'm hardly complaining. Besides, getting to this sooner means we get to see Harry's friends get introduced to his new body sooner which should be all kinds of fun, especially Michael's girls.

Also, you may want to make a blog post tagged to the original to let people know the sequel is out. I forgot to follow you so I only found out when it was added to the group, and I'm sure there are others waiting for this who completely missed it.

Happy to see this, you've made my day!

Thank you very much for returning to this series.

Man, I almost feel sorry for the Red Court, the Ponies are playing Hard Ball and are not happy with them. I'm still waiting to see Karen and Molly's reactions to pony Harry.

I look forward to MOAR!

“What has the White Council gotten me into now?”

Bad things (tm).

Very happy to see a new chapter of this.

Why do you do this to me? Another massive hook and tease?

Great chapter though. Nice to see Luna's castle getting it's due upkeep though.

“With all the love in the world, Spike. But I’d prefer not to leave Harry alone in charge of Equestria’s chief vampire hunting force. I don’t want to come back and find Ponyville a warzone.”

I none-too-subtly cleared my throat while peering at Twilight over my cup. “You do remember that you personally have fought against one changling army and two gods before I ever came into the picture, right?”

That one earned me a good thwap with a purple wing.


Okay then, what does Harry need to punch in the face this time?


Hm, I just had a thought. Do we know what happened to Harry's stuff/apartment and especially Bob? I would have expected him to ask Michael to pick it up for him, but that doesn't seem to have happened based on the lack of a lewd skull harassing the girls. That makes me wonder if it was all just left sitting there, and if so what the consequences of that will be since we know Bob has a lot of very dangerous knowledge others might want to take advantage of.

All will be answered in time. I think you will enjoy how that works out. :raritywink:


Ah, it's a hanging plot thread to pick up later. Got it.

Also, if possible, I'd like to see Bob comment on Celestia in front of Twilight. The fireworks should be hilarious, especially if it's Twilight's first meeting with Bob.

I feel like those two would either get into a heated argument over what is or isn’t possible in magical theory, or else team up to create something amazing, or both.


Oh yeah, once they get rolling (and Harry orders Bob to stop making inappropriate comments about his girl) there's no question those two are going to become a mad scientist pair, but the comedy gold mine I was thinking of was Twilight's reaction to Bob being lewd towards Celestia. The intersection of Twilight's hero worship and Bob's extreme sexual comments should make for some spectacular fireworks as Twilight tries to wrap her head around what he is saying and defend Celestia's honor.

Also, Rainbow could be fun around Bob too since he'll put her into that adorable state where she doesn't want to admit to liking the attention, although I can't really see them interacting all that often.

Orders bob to stop making jokes...we’re talking about the same Bob, right? Elemental spirit of knowledge living in a skull?


Yeah, but there are three points to remember. First, this protection only applies to Twilight due to their relationship, so Bob is free to comment about others as much as he wants. Second, Bob will genuinely want their relationship to be successful, both for Harry's sake and so he gets an up-close view of the action because we all know there's no way to stop him from getting at least that if he's living in the same castle. Third, while Harry is usually tolerant of Bob, he does know exactly how to apply real leverage if he needs to do so which gives real weight to him putting his foot down in a narrow case like this.

“putting his -hoof- down”

Oh boy, White Council BS... though I can see Ebenezar and Injun Joe cracking up over Harry's new look.

i pokes in hopes that this story will get resumed

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