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Massive nerd brony with enough of a screwed up mind to create stories.


New Story. · 2:36am Aug 7th, 2017

There's a new story in the Tales of a Wizard series.

Tales of a Wizard: Creeping Shadows

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A Request · 6:57pm Oct 15th, 2014

Hey guys, I'm so glad to finally get Flesh Masks completed. That was one heck of a fun ride. Although now I do have a favor to ask of you all.

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Summer Issues · 8:49pm Jul 9th, 2014

I'm happy to say that the familial issues that have been plaguing me lately are clearing up. My grandmother, who suffered a small stroke a few weeks ago, is almost completely recovered and is hell bent on trying to Mission Impossible (not kidding) her way out of the rehab center. Though while that's wrapping up, my college summer programming course is deciding to pile on the fun. After only just surviving an exam two days ago, imagine my joy when I learned that I have another exam a week from

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Why won't this dang thing work? · 4:51am Jan 23rd, 2014

Hey guys, I'm writing this in the hopes that you'll understand and take pity on me. Neither I nor Flesh Masks is dead, obviously. I know it's been FOREVER since the last chapter, and I am extremely sorry about that. In truth, pretty much the entirety of the showdown with the Red King is already written, but it's little more than a bunch of disjointed scenes. All the stuff's there, every buck, shout, and blast, but my mind isn't letting me connect all the dots so it can flow coherently. I

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Oh thank goodness... · 9:43pm Dec 12th, 2013

Finals are done! Thank all the powers that be, real or fictional I don't care!

Now if'n you'll excuse me, I have some long overdue work to get done.

Short blog is short.

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Happy Nightmare Night Everypony · 4:57pm Oct 31st, 2013

Names we give have power
As we discovered too late
For we have named the nameless one
And thus have sealed our fate.

Our time has come full circle,
And now we have the end
Of lives or story who can say
As we turn the final bend.

Oh Wanderer of Blazes,
Will you please pass me by?
I am not worth your interest
So leave me here to die.

As the flames close in and curl
Around this frigid winter night,
I pray I will not see you coming
By the fire’s light.

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Not quite dead yet. · 1:27am Oct 11th, 2013

I'm so sorry I've been taking so long to write the last few chapters of Flesh Masks (though you've probably come to expect that from me by now). Lately I've been bombarded by numerous family issues/emergencies, school work, etc. Though what's been eating most of my "creative" time is actually because of my story. I've shown my work to my campus's radio station, and have been brought on as an assistant writer/editor for a fun little horror story broadcast we do every few days. I swear I haven't

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Treats for you all · 10:00pm Jun 17th, 2013

Hey guys, just for being awesome readers, I wanted to give you all a little something. Below is a link to a collection of files that will help you to thoroughly ponify your computer (if it isn't already). It has loads of backgrounds, icon replacements, sounds, screensavers, cursors, etc. It was a compilation I got from EqD a while back, and I have since added one or two things it was missing, like a program to change your boot-up sound. I hope you enjoy.

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Such fun. · 3:10pm Jun 15th, 2013

I am at my first brony meet-up, which is taking the place at the beach, and it is so much fun. It's ridiculously relaxing to write in front of the water, and while surrounded by other bronies. I would highly recommend you guys find a local brony meet-up wherever you are, they're so much fun.

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Finally! · 10:42pm Apr 30th, 2013

Thank you all the divine forces in existence, I AM DONE WITH FINALS!

No more late nights up studying. I can finally just sit down and unwind. I can finally write again! And I will now go do just that. After the last few weeks I've had, I need it.

Side question: Is it weird that to unwind after writing a 10 page term paper, I go and write a 15-20 page chapter?

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