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Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Crossover
*Note* Takes place sometime after the Season 3 Premier, "The Crystal Empire."

What would you consider 'true' friendship? Friends play with each other, friends laugh with each other, and friends are there for each other. But how would you know that anyway? Its not like you were ever a true friend...

A simple camping trip with Twilight and friends turns bad when Twilight's friends go missing in the middle of the night. She is lead to a mysterious castle in the middle of nowhere with hopes her friends are inside. Little does she know, she is only a puppet for their evil plans. After all, one cannot hope to escape Castle Oblivion...

Chapters (6)
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Hm.... Interesting. :trixieshiftright: Tracking.

==> enter Canterlot castle!
wait.. not a game.

tracking anyway. love a good KH/MLP crossover.

Oh awesome, Organization 13 messing with the Ponies. Really, who could ask for more?:pinkiehappy:

...BLACK marshmallows?

I was implying she overcooked them but whatever floats your boat...

Oooooh, loving this fic. I am a die-hard Kingdom Hearts fan, so adding ponies just made my night.

Excuse me 391283, but will the original Kingdom Hearts cast, like Sora and company, be cameoed or mentioned in this fic?

I'm not sure yet. I have about half of the story planned out. If everything goes correctly, this story should reach 13 main chapters. 1 for each floor.

Something I wanted to bring up about Chain of Memories. When I started this, I had only played the JPN version of Re:Com. I played the GBA game several years but I only just got the US version of Re:Com. As in after I uploaded the first chapter. So far, I think playing the US version has been of great help to me.

Even if I didn't play KH: CoM, I'll give it a shot.

Give me the door to the next floor !

HOLY CRAP IT UPDATED! :pinkiehappy:

Xalun is either Luna in disguise or her Nobody, which would mean that Nightmare Moon was a Heartless.

Hmmm... is there gonna be a Nobody of Twilight?


not sure what to think of this...

of corse it has to be lunas nobody.
any org13 name is the name re-arranged and a X added.

Nice, you're continuing this story!:raritystarry:

“Sometimes, it feels like I haven’t fully thanked them for all they gave me. They have all done so much but I still feel like I haven’t done enough for them…”

Howabout the assistant who works his ASS off for you? Wanna do something for him, like taking him on camping trips? Any reason the ponies only get special treatment?

“Either Spike is missing as well or the duplicate Spike is never around when you need him either…”

No, he's apparently only around when he's doing chores for you. Maybe if he'd been assisting you with those constellations, he would be there now. Jesus, it's like he only exists as a name in this fanfic.

“A camping trip!?” Pinkie asked. “You went on a camping trip without me!?”

No, but she cut SOMEDRAGON out.

“I’m sorry I let you down. You all mean more to me than anything…”

including the so-called friend who works for her every day and grew up with her. I've read everything you have here in the hopes that Spike would at least show up or be mentioned somewhere. It really gets me down when ponies hog the spotlight and Twilights best friend doesn't show up at all.

Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't? The story is not finished yet.
“In this place, to find is to lose, and to lose, is to find… That is the way of Castle Oblivion…”

I don't have any hate towards Spike. I gave him a good role in my Yugioh fic.

I'm loving this fic, mostly because of the KH elements you used. Quite ingenious if you ask me.

Nice to see you're writing this still.

Now then, the chapter was very nice, and I like how you're continuing to pull off the creepy, memory altering atmosphere that is Castle Oblivion.

I wonder if Spike will make an appearance... he will be hard to heal

I totally agree with Rainbow Dash on this. Sure, her actions are not justifiable in the least, but I understand her frustration towards her friends

...Oh, and the chapter was good, too.

Amen to that brother, I hear you...

dammit i wanted rainbow to hate them -.-

Glad to see they learn a lesson together...

Not sure what will happen with Pinkie or Fluttershy...
But there is one friendship they seriously have to check out... and that is Spike's

Nice to see the characters pushed to the limits of their friendships.

Where is Spike in all this?

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH rainbow dash's friend's are nothing more then backstabbers.all of them.gilda was right.why doesn't the rainbow dash on the show relises this?

Suddenly, it clicked… Twilight turned around and bolted out the door. As soon as she got out, she looked up as the mare shape on the moon vanished. “I finally understand!” The other 5 ponies came rushing out with her.
“Oh, what’s that?” Pinkie asked.
The sky crackled with lightning as a black vortex spiraled down impacting the ground. The wind blew fiercely at the ponies threatening to blow them away. “Hahahahahaha!” Came a voice. “After a thousand years, I have finally returned!” The vortex calmed revealing a black figure Twilight knew all too well. “Now that I am back from my imprisonment, the night… Will last… Forever!”
“Not if I have anything to say about it Nightmare Moon!” Twilight yelled.
“Huh, so… It appears someone knows who I am.”
“Yeah, and don’t think you can just up and take Equestria like it’s yours. Not when we have each other!”
Applejack quickly rushed up next to Twilight. “What are you doing girl? You can’t fight that thing!”
“I can’t but ‘we’ can. Remember everything I talked about? The reason you can’t remember anything is because it hasn’t happened yet for you. This place isn’t a memory of Ponyville. It’s a memory of the day we became friends and defeated Nightmare Moon.”
“You know how crazy you sound right?”
“I know, I know but listen to me. You remember how you kept saying my name right?”
“Of course, it was really freaky…”
“Well, don’t you think that’s some kind of sign? Our friendship was destined to occur. Only we can defeat Nightmare Moon. With the power of friendship!”
“I don’t know…” Applejack turned to the others. “What do you think girls?”
“Sounds fishy to me…” Said Rainbow. “This whole thing about a fake Ponyville and Castle Oblivion sounds lame to me. What if she is working with that… Thing?”
“I honestly think Twilight is a total darling.” Rarity replied. “Sure this whole thing may sound strange but us unicorns must stick together…” Rarity stepped up and rubbed Twilight’s face. “And if she needs our help, I’m willing to put myself out there for her.”
“She’s… Nice…” Said Fluttershy.
“I say we do it!” Said Pinkie. “My Pinkie Sense is telling me friendship is the way to go!”
AJ turned back to Twilight. “Please girls?” Twilight asked. “I’ve known you for almost 2 years. Please, I know it’s difficult to understand but I’m telling the truth. Look deep down…” Twilight held her hoof out.
The earth pony looked at the unicorn’s hoof. “Honest?”
Twilight grabbed AJ’s chin and tilted her head to they were eye to eye. “Honest…”
AJ simply stared into her eyes… “Alright, I believe you…” She put out her hoof on top on Twilight’s. Then came Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie. “You coming Rainbow?”
“I don’t know…”
“But Rainbow Dash. We need you…” Twilight pleaded.
Finally, Rainbow Dash sighed and put her hoof down completing the circle. “I still find this strange but if Applejack trusts you, I guess I do too…”


I would have chosen Struggle Away, but Twilight and Friends haven't fought any heartless at all in this fic.

“Prepare yourself!”

(Fight For My Friends starts playing in the background.)

(KH Logo appears just briefly accompanied with a flash of light.)

(Badass camera swirl shots)

(Fight Begins)

Make the Twilight deck however you want to make it.

Interesting! How will this all turn out I wonder...?:trixieshiftright:

Xalun? But that spells...!:rainbowhuh:

I'm not gonna cry!:fluttercry:

I totally agree. What they did was just plain...wrong!

Was that...Rarity?!

3585160 It might be a Replica, it may be a changeling, but we know the real Rarity is with them.


That's the only name I can make from nobody-is ing Rarity

When will this story continue? I'm itching to see more

Yeah sorry about that. I've been way too focused on trying to finish my Yugioh crossover and I'm having a bit of a writer's block with the next chapter. The next chapter is a pretty major one like I mentioned in the end and I'm just having trouble with it.

6528618 Okay, I follow ya, do you have anyone to help you with your story, or are you doing it on your own?

All my stories are done solo.

6528899 Oh, okay, just thought I'd ask

I can't wait for your next chapter! :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

:ajbemused:... (Raised eyebrow) Um can anyone tell me what's keeping this story to a halt?!:applejackconfused:

7615317 Yeah sorry about that, I'm just really slow when it comes to bringing chapters out, plus my focus is mostly on my yugioh story. For the current chapter they are on the last world card meaning there is a pretty major event in the next exit hall and I honestly can't figure out how to write it out. I have the entire story planned, I just have no idea how to go about it.

I came up with Rytixra (pronounced Rye-tix-ra) myself.

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