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Princess Sweetheart is the ruler of the Sugar Kingdom; A kingdom of candy, laughter and peace. When a nasty witch causes trouble for the little ponies of the Sugar Kingdom, it's up to their benevolent ruler to save them... Of course, this is but only a children's Fairy Tale...

With her birthday coming up in two days, Pinkie Pie is prepared to not make the same mistake as before and even makes a new friend in the process. Meanwhile, Canterlot is in a crisis when a mysterious artifact whose origins are unknown to anypony but Princess Celestia is stolen.

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What started as a simple a camping trip to a far away land take a turn for the worse when Twilight becomes distracted by her own research and gets separated from the others. Now questioning if she actually treats them as real friends or not, a voice leads her to a mysterious castle with a promise of truth. Little does she know, she is walking into a trap that will test her very being. After all, one cannot hope to escape Castle Oblivion...

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Much of Princess Celestia's past is a mystery and nopony truly knows all the details of her life during the thousand years that Nightmare Moon was banished. Mistakes were made, enemies were fought and most were lost to the times... But there is one mistake she made that continues to haunt her to this very day...

Now years later, her faithful student and her friends must help two heroes summoned from another world to vanquish this great evil before the world is plunged into darkness. The Shadow Games have returned...

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