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This story is a sequel to Kingdom Hearts: Equestria Girls

It has been a month since Sora and Donald had returned from Canterlot High, and Sora decides that he needs to train to prepare for retaking the Mark of Mastery exam, but he needs a new stomping ground to train in. King Mickey suggests that he has, "the perfect place for him", so he sends Sora, Donald, and Goofy to the new world that Sora has opened up from the keyhole he unlocked.
Will this new world be the perfect place for Sora's training? Or will it be just another world that he needs to save from the dark clutches of the Heartless once again?

New Game (If you haven't read Kingdom Hearts: Equestria Girls, click "New Game".)


Takes place after Dream Drop Distance.

Artwork by GundamBrony.

Author's Notes
If you believe Sora's scene in the beginning warrants the "Human" tag, let me know in the comments.

Chapters (14)
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So is each Episode going to be a long epic, or somehow mini-shorts to medium sized stories. Oh and I found this picture that made me think your EQG story img0.derpicdn.net/img/view/2013/7/12/371560__safe_twilight+sparkle_crossover_clothes_equestria+girls_skirt_wide+hips_flowers_rose+(flower)_artist-colon-terry.png

Glade to see the sequel up bro. This is really amazing. With your permission again, I would like to add this story to fanfiction. Many of the followers and viewers are dying for your sequel. Good luck bro.:twilightsmile:

Did you draw the cover art? It's really good.And I cant wait to read what happens next.

it has begun oh i cant wait to read it thank you:heart::pinkiesmile:

5477308 No, a friend of mine drew it, I can't take credit for it

Yes yes yes thank you thank you!!!

As always, luv the moment that Sora and Twilight reunited! Awesome story!:pinkiehappy:

Shisnocat is my temporary deviantart that was once belong to my sister now gave it to me. :twilightsmile:

IT'SHEREIT'SHEREIT'SHEREIT'SHEREIT'SHERE!!!!!!!!! :twilightblush: Heh, any way i di gress good start to the story you get a moustache Golden! :moustache:

Thanks for making this sequel. Now it' time to see how Sora will interact with the ponies.

Really like Jimmy's Journal entry! Can't have a good Kingdom Hearts without it. Nice work!

Really loved the reencounter between Sora and Twilight.

5478002 which? Xemnas, Ansem, Xigbar, Saix, the young Xehanort?

Oh hey! I like your KH cover art, looks better than mine anyway. But moving on I'm just wondering if reading the first story is a requirement or not.

5478214 Well, you might wanna read KH:EG before this one, because certain scenes in here may not make sense without it

5478282 I'm glad you liked it :twilightsmile:

This is so awesome. I knew you were gonna give sora a body to blend in. It is the natural law of trans dimensional travel.

Prince Starlight: Greetings my friends, My name is Prince Starlight, I'm the original character in the up coming story Prince of the night. And this story is part of a series of story's called the nightmare chronicles. I just wanted to tell you Flare your stories will be the best we've ever read, and I hope you keep up the good work on your stories.

I might die before I read all of this....
In all seriousness, is it okay if I make a parody animation of Equestria Girls based on your previous story?

5478463 1. I'm glad you're enjoying it :twilightsmile:

2. Sure, just as long as you give me credit for my story :pinkiesmile:

>>Golden Flare
Thanks! I will be sure to credit you.

Well, this story got here sooner than I excepted. (Second week of 2015 mind you.) All in all, this IS probably a good thing. Now, little nitpick here (not even that, just guessing how this story would have gone.)
1. Having Sora and co. meet the Mane 5 after they part from Twilight.
2. Having Sora and Twilight's reunion take place in her library, after the plundering vines have begun their assault on ponyvile (whatever chapter that would have been).

Again, not complaining or anything here; just sharing thought processes with you here. Confident that this story will turn out great.

Excuse me a second.

Okay, I'm back. Nice picture of the 'worldview' of Ponyville. Sora really should've seen that tackle/hug coming. I can't wait for the group to meet the CMC.

Something tells me that Sora meeting the Princesses as well as Shining Armor is going to be interesting. (except for Cadance, she strikes me as the 'always pleasant' kind.) I wonder what kind of darkness will manifest due the presence of the Keyblade wielder being present in Equestria. *As well as how many different ways Sora will kick flank!*

5478874 1. nice fangirl squeal :scootangel:

2. Thanks, I figured it'd be nice if I showed what Equestria would look like if Sora and the gang found it. Also, I do not claim rights to the picture

3. Yes, he should've

4. Believe me, when the CMC meet him, they'll be in awe

5. Eeyup :eeyup:

6. I think you'll be surprised :pinkiesmile:

5479586 ih i cant just wait for the next chapter where the plot starts to pick up:yay::twilightsmile:

For once, Spike gets a cool nickname. I'm liking the KH writing style this story has and I just realized that Sora's a pegasus in EVERY crossover. Why is that?

5481184 Its because of his name which means sky so a Pegasus sound fitting for him.

5481261 I wouldn't be surprised of Riku turned out to be an earth pony and Kairi a unicorn if they ever appear in a crossover. But yeah, I should have known that Sora would be a pegasus.

5481184 I'm glad you're enjoying it so far, and I have no idea, I just figured it was a normal thing for Sora to be a Pegasus if he was in MLP. Maybe it has to do with the fact that he once flew in Neverland?

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Sora meeting the CMC is the battle against Lock, Shock, and Barrel.. Is that weird? By the way, humans are not easy to animate.... For me anyways...

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