• Published 8th Jan 2015
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Kingdom Hearts: Princess Twilight Sparkle - Golden Flare

Sora needs a new training ground to prepare for his Mark of Mastery exam retake, King Mickey sends him, Donald, and Goofy to a new world for such a task, but will it be another world in danger?

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Prologue: Training Ground

Within the Mysterious Tower, Yen Sid, Sora, and King Mickey carefully plan what to do next, now that the recently emerged world, Canterlot High, has been saved from the clutches of the Seekers of Darkness, one of whom has manipulated one of Sora's newest friends to "retrieve him".

I wonder how she's doing, Sora thought, After everything she did to everyone, she may have a hard time getting everyone to forgive her... His thoughts began drifting off to a certain princess. Twilight...

"Sora, ya with us?"

Mickey snapped Sora out of his daydreams, he shook his head forcing a smile, "Yeah, sorry. What were we talking about again?"

"We were discussing your Mark of Mastery retake exam," Yen Sid explained, "To participate in the clash between the Guardians of Light and the Seekers of Darkness, you must become a true Keyblade Master."

"Well, what if I started some kind of training? Would I be ready to retake the Keyblade exam?"

"Hmm..." Yen Sid began stroking his beard, "For that, you must train your body, as well as your heart. The reason you have failed the Mark of Mastery was because your heart led you in the wrong direction, more precisely, into the hands of Xehanort."

"Alright then, so where should I begin my training? I've been to a lot of worlds, but I need one that'll challenge me, really push my limits!"

"Hmm..." Mickey hummed, "I think I know just the place."

"Really? Where?"

"Go get Donald and Goofy, they'll be able to help you. I'll go and insert the coordinates into the Gummi Ship."


With that, the die was cast, Sora retrieved two of his best friends and met Mickey outside of the tower, who had just finished preparing the ship for takeoff.

"Okay fellas, the Gummi Ship's ready to go when you are!"

"Thanks, Your Majesty!" Sora said.

"Hey, Donald?" Mickey waved him over and began whispering something in his ear, soon Donald grew a mischievous smile upon his face.

"You got it!" Donald chuckled sinisterly.

"Uh, what's so funny, Donald?" Sora asked.

"Oh...you'll see."

Sora didn't know what they had in mind, but he knew it wasn't good, taking note of Donald's scary grin. They all boarded the ship and Sora made sure he was in his seat before they took off. Donald warmed up the engine and hovered above the tower, all while the coordinates Mickey put in calculated their destination. When everything was ready, Donald pointed his finger and shouted, "BLASTOFF!"


The gang headed towards their next adventure, the new world that Sora opened up from the recently unlocked keyhole, but of course, he didn't know that.

(stop music)

Inside the tower, Yen Sid was contemplating about the new world, how a world like that was a one in a million possibility of existing.

"A world with little to no hostility...deep within this world, the light of friendship burns strong...but even I can sense the darkness of this world..."

To Be Continued...

Dearly Beloved

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Kingdom Hearts: Princess Twilight Sparkle

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