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So I noticed... · 5:32am Jul 13th, 2020

So I was watching SpongeBob recently when I noticed something, Dishwasher Slog looks really similar to Grubby Grouper. I wonder if he was partially based off him.

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Thanks for the fav!

Thank you for the fave and the follow!!

Thanks for the follow!

Thanks you very much for the fave on Diamond Tiara versus the Changeling Invasion.

I think it's a pretty cool story premise to see the ponies treating humans this way and you write it pretty well :)
As for what you could do better, I guess I'm curious what lead to Celestia and Luna treating another species this way, so maybe you could explain this in a later chapter.
And thanks for writing this cool story :pinkiesmile:

  • Viewing 62 - 66 of 66
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