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This is a group dedicated to any incarnation of the Mane 6 in any of Starlight Glimmer's timelines from The Cutie Remark.

-Sombraverse Applejack
-Sombraverse Rainbow Dash
-Sombraverse Pinkie Pie
-Sombraverse Fluttershy
-Sombraverse Rarity
-Nightmareverse Rarity
-Nightmareverse Rainbow Dash
-Chrysaverse Pinkie Pie
-Chrysaverse Fluttershy
(More will be added as needed.)

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Friendly reminder that if Multiverse Theory is true in MLP, all these universes are still existing and suffering thanks to the actions of Glimmer. If Multiverse Theory is false, Glimmer committed universe-level genocide at least ten times that day.

I loved these universes. My favorite thing to think about, is what the AU Twilight's must have been like.

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