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We are equal

There is no conflict

There is no strife

Petty jealousy is a thing of the past

Forsake your cutie mark and be happy

Join us and be equal

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Exceptionality is a lie. To excel is to fail.
You are not a slave to your cutie mark
Equality over all

*loses her cutie mark*

what do you all think?

Our Town: Now 37% more equal than Communist Russia! Or equally as equal as Communist Russia, your pick.

D-do I really have to give up my cutie mark? I-I kind of like it.

There are now 100.

I have my cutie mark; I'm just walking through (thinking: Please don't take mine away!)...

Don't mind me, just a small horse with a fire buttmark passing through...

Is this the place that is like Cold War Cambodia or modern North Korea?

My special talent is Equality!


welcome to the family

*Gets a Fimfiction account. Joins a cult of equality as soon as I do so*

Exceptionality is a lie. To excel is to fail.

Did you all update your OC's accordingly? I did.
A semi-programmatic mechanism for fresh group detection has evaluated your group and marked it ‘new’. The listing of this group in New Groups was initiated as a consequence. Congratulations!




  • Viewing 9 - 28 of 28
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