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I draw, sometimes write, sometimes I do something else. And I'm not good at time-managing it.

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Who's that behind the name?

I'm a brony from the Czech Republic.

My ponysona is a sabertooth pony (smilopon), a subspecies I'm currently thinking up lore on how they fit (or rather, don't) into Equestria for. (Or a pegasus, if the context allows only for canon)

I enjoy doing a number of creative works, mostly drawing (pony and other pictures and comics), but also a bit of baking, some crafts, and a story here and there, if ideas and time permit.

I prefer reading comedic and adventure prose. Not a fan of shipping and clop.

Other nicknames I'm known as are "Quint the Wanderer" or "Deranged Whony".


An update is in order · 8:52am Dec 27th, 2015

So. Hi.
Not much activity has been going on from me, has it? Well, I haven't been creating anything much either, as seen in my picture galleries as well. I didn't feel like creating a lot. But I did manage to do a tiny trimming of my local to-read list from 500's to 400's :derpytongue2:

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Thanks to the fav!

Thanks for the fave!

Also, you should see a dentist about those teeth.

Thanks for the Fave!
What did I do to deserve it?

I have never offered commisions, and even if I did, I'm kinda swamped with job and other RL stuff right now anyway. Might think about it later.

Can't judge, I never have found myself in any romantic activity.
They might obstruct, or they might bring it to a whole new level :ajsmug:

1856229 yes, yes you do. Out of curiosity, what are your commission prices?

And don't those saber teeth make it hard to engage in certain romantic activities ?

  • Viewing 25 - 29 of 29
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