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Here at the Party Pony Platoon, we have one mission, and one mission only. Making ponies smile, giggle, chuckle, grin, guffaw, titter, bust a gut, and possibly snicker.

Here, we accept ALL party ponies around the world.

Join us in our quest to bring happiness around Equestria.


1. Putting things in the right folder!

2. Frowns and baring of teeth are strictly prohibited.

3. MUST feature Either Pinkie Pie, Cheese Sandwich, Party Favor, or any other party pony.

4. Party like it's 2015. Literally.

Please party responsibly.

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PINKIE PIE IS LEIA.:pinkiegasp:

I NEED TO WRITE THIS. NOW.:rainbowlaugh:

With this many Party Ponies, the Party is bound to be epic beyond reason.

AWWWW :rainbowkiss: Party Favor looks so adorable in the banner for the group.

395702 Most likely. Where else would they live? We saw refferences to both Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy living there at the time the Cutimark Episode played out. Even if they were Fillies at the time.

Yeah, I guess we have seen the parents of both Twilight Sparkle and Rarity. Could be fun to see more in a solid Episode of them?

Yet, we know nothing of Scootaloos family, assuming they are alive. Why can't she fly, even at this age, while the Twin flue at the age of a month?

If we ever see Applejacks Parents? It is as if they are pure Head Canon?

Sometimes I get the impression no Pony have Parents, just Sisters, but this would be insane? Ludicous?

Who are Pinkie Pie's Parents, what are they doing and why? A Rock Farm isn't tht kind of a joke? Even if it may be more to it in this case?

395658 Dash's family might live in Cloudsdale, but who knows? We've seen Twilight's and Rarity's family on more than one occasion :twilightblush: Applejack's family we know about, but I'm far more interested in her parents! And Scootaloo, I just want to know if she has any! :fluttercry:

395596 We may have seen the Pie's before, but did we see anything beyond Maud, short of a few images or flashes?

I guess I would love to see Dashie and her family, who ever they are. Wouldn't they live in Cloudsdale, where the Flutters alos lives?

How much have wee seen about Rarity and Twilight's Families?

We have seen plenty of the Apples, even from history. Is there no History to any of the others?

There is the small point as to who Scootaloos family are and their History as well.

395591 We'll be seeing the whole Pie family later on in the season! But I'm really curious about RD's family.

395441 Well, he even has a Mare to boot now *giggles*
Sugar Belle looks like such a prime Mare for this ship and partying.

The Village is a huge Metropolis, with not just one, butt Two Party Ponies to go along with the show.

I would love to see more of these tow mean Party Ponies.

For now, I guess we will have to make due with focusing on the Mane Six and thir respective families and their respective problems for a while?

At least, they give us a good glimps into them and who they are.

395408 That's where Party Favor would come in, or at least he used to. Now, he's got the new village, so somepony else must have the big cities and everything.

395391 Oh yeah, one pony can only go so far.
At least, Ponyville and the new Village has their Partying on the up and up.
Question is who throw the Parties in the Citties like Manehattan, Cnterlot and Vanhoofer?

For Cheeze, he seems to have a sense of where his parties are needed the most.
With that, he can arrange his schedule fairly well, or so I would imagine.
Thewr is both the train and other means of transportation for him, if and when he needs to.

395358 A pony could only go so far. Maybe one half of Equestria, and anther party pony might take the other, or other kingdoms.

395280 Just like the Country-Side, then?
Well, he even did visit Ponyville at one point in that Episode.
We still do need several more Party Ponies in Equestria.
Several larger Cities still are lacking a Party Pony, so long as the Canon has put things.
Maybe this is why the Grand Galloping Gala was such a dead festivity?
Who is in Manehattan, Vancoover and all the other Communities?

395243 Maybe he covers a whole country

395221 Pinkie Pie is from Ponyville,
Suagar and Party is from the Village,
while Cheese is fromwhere? Even if it may be said that he was from manehattan, but then, he left.
Seems he prefer the country over the bi city?

395145 I think one for every part of the country

395140 Ponies enough to throw a citywide party, you think?

Just imagine, Manehattan partying all night?

Ps: Pink Pie .. Woo Whoo .. ;)

395016 More party ponies might be coming our way; who knows? :duck:

This Season did start out with a Humongus bang, partywise.
394219 Yay.
394293 I guess we are the best Fandom ever. Here is just one more proof of it.

Too early to predict a nother new Party or Party Pony on the scene?

Party Favour certainly is amazing. I could see his talents put to good use on and off parties.
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