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Not long after the events of Forgotten Friendship, Sunset Shimmer decides to go back to the beach that she and the girls met up at when they lost their memories of her, but this time at night, where no one could see her. She wanted to go by herself to do a little something to unwind: skinny dipping.

WARNING: Contains spoilers to the Forgotten Friendship special, Skinny Dipping, Stripping, and Nudity.

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Comments ( 19 )

I think this spoils the special.

8712276 I mainly got it from the book, but I'll edit the description to warn for spoilers

8712282 Say, did you check out my blog post?

8712285 I hope you understand why I would cover certain words and schedule for that date.

8712288 I understand, I guess I got a little too eager

8712314 I hope others understand as well.

Interesting! I liked this! It was pretty hot! Lol. Anyway, I digress. Keep up the Golden work!

and Pinkie...well, she was Pinkie, it would kinda be hard to figure out if she would be against it or okay with it, the latter being more likely with how outgoing she is.

I imagine she'd be so okay with it, she'd talk about it at the wrong time, and at the wrong volume. :pinkiehappy:

Darn it, she's so hot. Whether she's pony or human.

(I KNOW this is something separate from your "Kingdom Hearts X MLP" story series; humor me.)
Maybe because this special is going to be a "Beach episode", I can envision a sight gag scene between "The Key Trio" (Sora, Riku, and Roxas FYI) and their "Reactions" to seeing the Hu-Mane 7 in their beach-attire.

Nosebleeds, with Roxas slightly passing out for like a second or two from seeing what Sci-Twi's attire would be.

To be honest I'd love to watch her do this and maybe join her if she'd let me.

Just saw the special!!

Not bad!

She's going to reveal her friends her secret soon.

Hey, Do you remember where you got the cover image?

8760336 My brother sent it to me in a text, so no, sorry

"I really am beautiful, aren't I?"

I couldn't imagine how much more lovely Sunset would be if she were to fall asleep naked while sunbathing or fall asleep naked while laying on top of the ocean surface. 😍

What can I say? It was better than "Sunset's embarrassing day." Read that and this the first time I went to the beach [not by my decision] in 2020. Tried to put that out of my mind and got a well deserved Sunburn.

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