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I would like to thank you all · 5:13am Feb 7th, 2017

I am pretty sure this story got to the very edge of how popular something on the site can get without getting featured.

I mean like, I saw it in the popular stories list for like a week straight.

Maybe one of these days, I can write one of those porn stories that gets plastered all over the front page and everyone complains about… :p

More stories coming probably never

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My friend and I stumbled upon your works tonight while on our usual 'meme hunting' in the new story section/popular box. Just the titles of your stuff made me laugh my ass off.

Bravo; you've earned my watch.

I saw your profile name and burst out laughing!:rainbowlaugh:

and now we see how it really is , although you're already stated you found out as much through your research on this topic , that most of the people are cool with the ideas presented in your latest fic , however , institutions/states , be they of any kind , are only interested in silencing conversation about it , as was the case where i was having a lengthy open and civil discussion about the topic with another in the forum thread you made specifically for that purpose , it was locked as of last night , the stated reason being "that's enough of that" , the language can't be any more clear , discussions of this subject matter will not be tolerated in the public forum , i find this reality to be highly disturbing , but as far as i can tell not enough people can be arsed enough to demand a cease and desist of that blatant free speech censoring and have the institutions listen , and i can just bet if i asked a mod on the site about this they would just reply with 'it's whoever's forum and they can do w/e they want with it'.....

well at least we still have your account and fic page as a place that's being allowed free and open discussion about the subject matter , i wonder how long that will last for....

i hope you haven't abandoned the net entirely for a while yet and are still lurking so that you will see these conversations and this post as i am very interested in hearing your take on these matters......

Username: a sick depraved bastard

Most people: OMC LOL

A* sick,* depraved bastard


You get a follow for making me think.

Very, very few authors on this site are good enough to do that.

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