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Is there anything I can put here I won't reget later?

People that actually write:

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Thanks for adding my story!

2423545 Ahhh, I thought you seemed familiar! You'll have to forgive me for not remembering our previous conversation. It was apparently 93 weeks ago. :twilightblush:

Still, I'm glad you still hold the story in such high esteem. I'm very proud of it and part of me doesn't know what I'll do with myself when it comes to an end in a few more months. :unsuresweetie:

But once again, thank you very much for your kind words. Comments like these really are one of the best parts about writing it.

2423526 I once told you in a previous comment that I consider your story to be one of my top five favorite pony fics. Due to several reasons, I stopped reading at one point and a large chapter backlog accumulated. I then caught back up, and thought to myself "Oh yeah, this is why I thought that. Because it is one of the best."

I've been on this site a long time and I've seen writing giants rise and fall and read hundreds of stories, but yours is something special. Keep up the good work.

Many thanks for adding The Iron Horse to "Professional Quality Stories." I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Oh yes, I'm aware...

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