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Time to make some good horse words. (Patreon)

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Two hours? Uh huh. Well, I'm interested. Is this going to be more porny or more story?

HAH! This looks like it's going to be FUN!

Well written, LOVE the setup and introduction, and a THOUSAND thank yous for not naming your Human 'Anon.'

...will be watching...

Interesting. Made me think of something

I'm getting slight An Escort's Journal vibes... I wonder how this is gonna go.

Humans are also prone to exaggeration sometimes, hehe. Hoping to make this a nice mix of porn and not porn, really. Porn with a story, I think one friend called it.

Glad I vetoed the idea to do that out of laziness, lmao. I figured that since I wanted this to be less of a green text style story and more of a legit story that "happens" to have porn in it. Im glad you're enjoying the story so far! :D

And what did you think of?

Funny enough, that's in my "Read Later" shelf. I didn't get around to reading it yet, so Im not sure if this comparison is meant as a positive or not. XD

It kinda reminded me of a guy here, who made his own universe, where equestria is sex Paradise.

And the start of a...inventation a oc of mine went through

Onto the watchlist this goes.

So, is he like the equivalent of a geisha because the description Luna gave and the office seems to go into that route. He is not there just for sex is a way to relax and calm a wary or tired soul. Offer company, pamper them in more than one way.

It sounds like a high class Geisha who are pay not to sex but to have a genuinely and profund connection with their clients and make them feel special.

P.S: It was kind of funny but when she was describing the job I imagine him starting just petting ponies head like dogs or comb their manes and tails using his fingers almost like a massage and telling them that everything will be ok, or simply asking who is a good pony

Geishas were most definitely an inspiration for aspects of this story, yet I wanted to add a few different aspects that would fit more in pony society and that a human could be capable of doing. I'm hoping to portray a wholesome scene, for the most part. Perhaps a few clients will request a rough fucking, but most of the sessions will be wholesome.

Hopefully, each chapter will involve at least half of the chapter involving interaction between Renard and his clients before anything of an adult nature happens. Of course, that might be the other way around for some clients. You never know, right? :raritywink:

EDIT: I just realized why your name was familiar! Not sure why I wasn't following you before, but take my follow!

Glad to see you're interested in it! :twilightsmile:

Also, for anyone curious about the terminology,

Session = rutting session. This means...well, it's kind of self-explanatory.

Appointment = relaxation time. This does not mean that Renard will be having sex with those clients, unless they decide to purchase a session.

This gunna be good

Comment posted by Bookwurm666 deleted Nov 19th, 2021

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee make more I love this or give you remade somebody tell me we’re to did it or the name this story is gonna be awesome

This essentially seems like the porn version of Affection Therapy and I am HERE for it. :moustache:

Yussss, lots of wholesome gentle petting, scritchies, belly rub, unless a "session" is requested,

Congrats on making the Number One spot of the Recommended as of 11/20/2021. I knew this story would!

I'm still in shock as I write the second chapter. Can't lie, this made my week. So happy everyone is enjoying it! :twilightblush:

Err, two hours? I foresee calluses on vaginas in the next chapters. And maybe on a penis too.

"Humans are a bit different, Miss. Not to brag, but the average human can go for two hours."

Yeah okay man, whatever you say. Average human my arse.

Always love a good clop with plot. I am excited! :raritystarry:

Keeping an eye on this one. Wondering what the sense of scale is though, we talking knee high, waist high, chest high, head high. how tall are the ponies in this compared to the human? Honestly surprised this doesn't get brought up more in fics, especially clop.

It's HIE. Everyone knows humans get superpowers in the bedroom while in Equestria.

I plan to read this story at some point.

I like the premise. It's a great way to have "porn with a story." And it's a great way to include one of my favorite things: world-building! I love how each author on this site has a slightly different idea of how Equestria works, different customs, expectations, etc. And so far I'm not disappointed.

Equestrian stallion's performance times have been established, but what about other aspects of performance? Will Renard measure up in those aspects too? (Measurements, techniques, etc)

Then we have Luna (best princess). Why is she helping Renard so much? It's almost like she feels obligated, or maybe just sightly obsessed?

Other questions I have are: Is the male to female ratio skewed the way most authors write their stories (1 to 3, or more)?
Will other species become clients? If so, will they have different problems?
Now that he made the "session" 24 times longer than normal, (5 mins extended to 2 hours) will he make enough to pay the rent, and his employee?

So much has been set up in this first chapter.
I can't wait for more.

Thanks for posting.

Luna has the time to spend on whatever she wants to these days. She's retired, after all! :raritywink:

I don't want to give away too much of the story in comment replies, but other species will be going as well. The gender ratio is slightly skewed (closer to 1/2) but not enough to cause a complete RGRE situation. There will be subtle undertones of it with some characters, but will not be present at all times.

I actually really like this already. I haven't read a fanfic in a while now due to real life things but this is promising. I'll be sure to follow this. I shall also check out your patreon.


I saw! Thank you, and I appreciate your interest in the story! Next chapter is almost done, too! :pinkiehappy:

hurray! fingers cross that next chapter is up by oh I don't know maybe Monday!

A smirk splits Luna's muzzle as I take my seat next to her, the look in her eyes making me grow uneasy, "Well...Blueblood has needed a new secretary for a week now. Scared the last one off in a day."

"Nevermind, I'll do it."

Any job is better than being Blueblood's subordinate.

Nicely done!

Funny, Lyra is one of my Favorite background characters and the focus for a close friend of mine.

if I may add, Lyra is also a role in the oc inventation i mentioned Sorry again, old habit

Thank you! Lyra is definitely one of my favorite background characters as well, and she will always be the goofy human lover to me.


Feel free to send it via private message, and I can respond when I am able to! I'm always down to hear new ideas, but I don't want to clog up the comments with a large discussion about another story if I can help it. I don't mind if people post links, but that's a bit different from a 30+ comment chain. It adds up fast, lol. :twilightsmile:

Of course. Just need to figure out a fitting Subject...

Just finished reading the first chapter, clicked track and *ding* there’s a new one. Some timing.:derpytongue2:
Keep it up.:pinkiehappy:

she slips the shirt over my over and tosses it to the side

i believe there is a duplicate word in there, however this chapter was very good and i enjoyed it. :)

Nice, also cool to see my question from the previous chapter addressed naturally in this chapter. Always good to have an idea of the size comparison between partners.

Why did I have a feeling next time Lyra would bring her marefriend for a threesome session?

Do you have all future appointments planned out or are you planning on taking suggestions?

Interesting, no mention to him lasting longer than a pony? If stallions usually last five minutes at most then it's really weird Lyra only came with him. Either he decided to not hold back or she came at least once or twice before that, no?

Oh, I have plans for Bon Bon. You'll see. :raritywink:

I'm open to suggestions on characters, but the way that their appointment will go is entirely up to me...unless I like the idea enough. I can build off of a concept relatively easily, I think. :twilightsheepish:

But yes, I am most definitely open to character ideas. I'm iffy about trying to make any OCs beyond Nimbus Blitz and Renard, especially for clients, but canon suggestions are always welcome.

Female equines take longer to reach orgasm than the males do. I hate that I know enough about equine biology to state that with certainty.

Human refractory periods are also shorter, meaning...well, humans can fuck for longer and more often than equines, especially since we're endurance hunters, meaning that we are capable of chasing our prey down until they exhaust themselves to death, just by walking. That's a lot more endurance than a creature that, while powerful, can exhaust itself to death in a few short hours.

Comment posted by demondude123 deleted Dec 20th, 2021

Wait, so mares don't cum in sex as a rule of thumb? An entire civilization with half of the people being sexually frustrated to oblivion and back? Goddamn the sex toy industry must be a monster!

Huh, would also mean there isn't the expectation that the mare comes from intercourse at all. Why do they even offer those services then? :rainbowhuh:

Because foreplay and oral is a hell of a good way to make someone get off faster. Their tongues don't get tired as easily. :trollestia:

That, my dear author, is a damn good argument :rainbowlaugh:
I think those mares are very, very lucky in the end.

Edit: still must have a giant sex toy industry though.

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