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I'm a gay nutjob that writes whatever weird ideas come to his head. I like M/M ships, odd pairings, zombies, and drinking. I also hope to be a contestant on Survivor one day.

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  • What Could Have Been Lost After the Royal Wedding, Spike keeps having terrible nightmares about that fateful day. In an attempt to console her friend, Twilight finally gets him to talk about his dream. However, what she discovers, is much worse than she could've imagined by TheVClaw 4,803 words · 11,093 views · 733 likes · 20 dislikes
  • Brushed Away 2: By Hoof and Claw A sequel to Brushed Away, Troy is a Gryphon who has to deal with a new obstacle in his life: telling his family he's with a stallion. by TheVClaw 278,713 words · 2,857 views · 410 likes · 29 dislikes
  • "Ewww, Granny!" Applejack discovers that her Granny has a special somepony; however, she didn't expect that somepony to be Thunderlane. by TheVClaw 4,293 words · 2,714 views · 285 likes · 14 dislikes
  • The Worst Show and Tell Ever Scootaloo was so excited for Show and Tell this week, that she could barely keep herself still! And why would she? She has a special Daring Do story that Rainbow Dash herself wrote! How could things go wrong? by TheVClaw 2,970 words · 2,841 views · 394 likes · 17 dislikes
  • Discord Throws a Feast Twilight is invited to a special party that's held by Discord, and reluctantly decides to attend. Unfortunately, she's the only one there. And Discord made nothing but quesadillas. by TheVClaw 4,776 words · 4,868 views · 567 likes · 18 dislikes

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    After accidentally injuring Elusive's dancing partner before a large competition, Rainbow Blitz swore that he would help him find a new partner and win. Unfortunately, Elusive seems to want Blitz to be his replacement.  · TheVClaw
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    Thunderlane wanted to be happy that his little brother finally got himself a special somepony. However, Rumble's some "pony" wasn't really who he expected. For one thing, he was a dragon. Another thing was he was still roughly half Rumble's size.  · TheVClaw
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  • T The Worst Show and Tell Ever

    Scootaloo was so excited for Show and Tell this week, that she could barely keep herself still! And why would she? She has a special Daring Do story that Rainbow Dash herself wrote! How could things go wrong?  · TheVClaw
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    5,778 words · 1,288 views  ·  73  ·  6 · sex
  • T Brushed Away 2.5: Hearth's Warming Morning

    After all of the insanity and drama which occurred in Brushed Away 2, Troy and Canvas enjoy a beautiful morning together in their home during Hearth's Warming. Of course, a specific gift might add something special to their lives...  · TheVClaw
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  • T Mother Fluffer

    Twilight's friends notice Gilda in town during Twilight's Castle Induction. However, while the Gryphon's presence was surprising enough, they REALLY didn't expect her to be making out with Twilight's Mom.  · TheVClaw
    33,621 words · 1,607 views  ·  166  ·  20 · sex

Happy four year anniversary!! Always loved the stories you've created. Hope this year goes well for you too. So my questions are did ever think brushed away would be loved by so many? And what is like to write and submit your first clopfic on here?

Well, thank you very much! And honestly, I never would've thought realistically that Brushed Away would be such a success. I mean, the first reception I got from people was receiving more downvotes than upvotes, and I didn't receive my first comment until 14 chapters in (but then again, it was an OC-based romance with no proofreader, no previous experience, and a cover page made from Microsoft paint). Overall, it's pretty shocking that I was able to come up from that sort of bad impression and turn my story into a super-successful series. It's really jarring in a cool way.

And to answer the second question, I technically submitted my first Mature story with Private Moments (and honestly, I have no idea what I could do with that ATM while writing my Spike smut). I guess it's been kinda unsettling at first since I didn't want my name to be connected with that sort of thing, and then I'd be known by people personally as "That guy who writes My Little Pony Porn". But over time, I was able to think over that sort of mindset and realize that in the grand scheme of things, most people wouldn't give a shit. There are way worse stories out there than my own, and I know I'm not the only person who has a questionable hobby like this. Plus, it's better to own up to your darker side than to just hide it to show a fake self. So while it's not something I'd parade publicly, I'm not going to be ashamed of my stories since they leave a positive impact on my readers.

Does your family and friends knows about your obsession with ponies?

Yes, but thankfully they don't know much about my fanfiction. They know I write gay romance, but that's about it.

If you could go to Equestria what species would you be?

Earth Pony, most likely.

What's your thoughts on Them Fightin Herds?

Is that still a thing? I thought it was cancelled a long time ago.

What were you doing before ponies and what are your plans once the show ends?

I was busy with college before ponies, and I'm pretty sure I'll still be writing stuff after this series comes to a close. Maybe I'll go to a different fandom like Zootopia or something.

Super hero or super villian?

Villains have more fun~

Seeing how Brush off and that griffin story you did take place in the same universe, is the Spike story you're doing also take place in the same universe? If so are you planning on doing a crossover story similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

My Spike stuff is in a completely different universe. Of all my stories, the only ones I actually established as being in the same universe are Brushed Away, Mac and Caramel: Secret Agents and Ewww, Granny!. Technically, Mother Fluffer points out that Brushed Away was a novel series in their universe. But aside form maybe a couple of my more comedic mature stories (and Private Moments, of course), my clop is not in the same universe as my non-clop.

Are you left or right handed?


Are you a top or bottom?


What are your inspirations when it come to writing stories?

I'm a huge fan of Stephen King, but I can'y say I have many authors I'm inspired by. Obviously TheOneWithoutAName inspired me to do that Spike smut, and Storm_Butt was the author that got me to start writing M/M on this site. But other than that, it's hard to think of specific names.

Congrats on the four year anniversary!

Thank you!

First, how does it feel having a small fan-base of people who reflect their experiences from your work?

It really is amazing to know that there are so many people who appreciate my work and continuously return to read more. It really makes me carry a deep devotion to my hobby and strive to keep going to inspire more.

Second, do you ever get tired of writing or does it come natural?

It usually comes natural. Heck, some of my favorite fics were ideas that just popped up out of the blue, like Not What You Think and Big Makeuptosh. It's also great when a story that I do just after an episode airs ends up becoming super popular due to positive reception.

Lastly, when you do move will you update us on how it is going with you two? Being that you will both share the same house.

Oh, absolutely. Heck, I might actually add more videos to my youtube channel when that happens.

Happy Anniversary!!!!:yay::pinkiehappy:

Hope to read more exciting stories from you in the near future!


Well, thank you. :twilightsmile:

Q: Why are you so cute

Because I have a hunky piece of man-meat who clings to me like a sexy Sloth.

Congrats on the anniversary.  Brushed away was one of the first big M/M fics I read. I hope the job and house stuff goes well.  keep us updated.  No questions unfortunately.  My brains pretty shot from school and I can't really come up with any.

That's fine, dude. I'm just happy to know that you enjoy my stories so much! That means a lot to me. :yay:

Welp, that seems like all of the questions this year! If anyone has any other questions, I can answer them in the comments below. But for now, I'm gonna savor the night off with some drunken munchies and maybe a finished chapter if I'm lucky. Ta-Ta!

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Speaking as the evil breeding bastard i am, one of these is supposed to offend, but is funny, and one is supposed to be funny, but is offensive... and i feel like a bastard either wayy:raritydespair:

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I've already gotten a lot of requests and suggestions in the comments, as well as PMs, but I'm always open to hear more!

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I'm loving your " Sluttified Spike" story so far! Do you by any chance take requests?

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Damn, I never noticed you had over 500 followers, go you! :raritystarry:

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