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I'm Fucking Sick of Clop. · 1:42am Sep 10th, 2014

In one hour alone 8 clop fics were published today.

Am I really the only one who can see past the generic shield of all this porn? I just don't get it! Before long, this site is gonna collapse under its foreboding mountains of cliché horse tits and dicks. So many copy-paste fics that contain nothing more than the same simplistic style of writing (not all of them, but most).

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Nearly 7 Years Ago · 8:13pm Apr 17th, 2021

Honestly I don't know what the hell I'm doing here. I haven't thought of this account or this website in years. No one is going to read this, surely.

Looking back over my stories and blogs... I can confirm that this account is the secret tomb of the most embarrassing stuff I ever vomited onto the internet.

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Been awhile
Also, your profile pic expiiired

1617027 you never published the story

1609460 Yeah... those were the days. Guess I grew bored and decided to be creepy for a change. Not too sure what that accomplished in the end.

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