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Hey, Come Over Here, I Want A Word With You.

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I'm more of an anti hero

I am member 101. Do I get a prize. :derpytongue2:

Just kidding. :rainbowlaugh:

374390 Indeed it was, we probably should have Pm'd each other, I'll keep that in mind for future references

I have no idea what you people are talking about. Whatever it is, just calm it down, it's turning into spam. Thank you.

374338 Well I'm stumped now so we gotta agree on something

Comment posted by LunarGazer1500 deleted Sep 6th, 2014

374326 :yay: IVE GOT IT! we shall bring about evil through.....duo's!

374326 I'll try to find something.

374323 .......You have just....just...:facehoof:

374320 CALM DOWN. Fuck im not use to this team thing nor creating ideas for them I'm usually best on my own because I've always been on my own but I mean shit what's wrong with my idea? Better yet what do you suggest what style we have? And lastly why can't we use others for our own enjoyment?

374315 Speak for yourself. *Ahem* anyhow let's just lure them with kindness and then take it from there, agreed?

374312 I myself only do it in style, I always have.But we will just end up with ''mooks'' perhaps we should suggests a style or styles to everyone else. I myself would suggests something discreet but...bloody or at least terrifying.

374309 Remembering the days of old can only go so far,My dear what I am saying is we must stop the remiscing and create new memories of evil.

373836 What would life be without creeps?

373295 No damnit ive done that 4 times already...fuck that challenge:ajbemused:

373295 I did it, you sick bastard

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