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Hi. My name's Acoustic Pulse. Nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy my stories. I like writing, and I'm sure you guys like reading or you wouldn't be here.

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Some Of The Best Stories I've Ever Read

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  • Between Bassdrops and Bowstrings Following Vinyl Scratch, Octavia Melody, and many of Equestria's musicians in their struggles to bring music to Equestria and all it's ponies. A tale about music, romance, destiny and what it means to try and change it. by Darkheartt 118,045 words · 1,542 views · 127 likes · 9 dislikes
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  • Skin of Diamond, Heart of Glass Apple Bloom's perception of Diamond Tiara is challenged by Quillery 7,466 words · 2,998 views · 227 likes · 1 dislikes

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Guys this vid just made me shit myself :rainbowwild:

That might be a bit of an exxageration.

1515683 No problem! Looking forward to the next chapter on your Reformed Buddies story.

Oh, hey! Thanks for the watch, mate! :twilightsmile:

1511577 Thanks, man. That's awesome.

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