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The Tasty Treat becomes a successful restaurant, despite not having the three-hoof rating that makes all the restaurants in Restaurant Row successful. The Queen of Cuisine, Zesty Gourmand, will not let this stand without criticism.

Unfortunately for her, somepony else will not let her flawed method of critiquing restaurants go unpunished. And he's not holding back anything. No way in Hell, especially in his own kitchen.

Spoilers for Season 6 Episode 12

Random Oneshot Idea that just popped in my head.

Contains vulgar language and verbal bashing (Judging from the cover art, you can tell why).

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One of the funniest roasting stories I've ever seen. I liked this piece a lot.

This is the greatest story ever.

I'VE EATEN THIS!!! *storms out of kitchen with pot of disgusting food* LOOK AT THIS!!!

God, I love Gordon Ramsey.

Ah Zesty, so obnoxious you couldve been me grandads replacement. Especially when you consider he was in SOE, and you look like General Grevious.

The healthy food calls get everwhere though. Big Jim couldnt even be The Greasy Spoon, but had to be The Grill Bar.

That shot with all the waiters in the street? Reminds me of the horror shot in Edward Scissorhands down the line of perfectly identical houses in the street to the castle.

Now we really must know. Does Ramsy work privately, on retainer to the Castle, or is he sent to other countries on diplomatic food buisness, such as dealing with the Yaks?

Some really good stories on here are now definitely AU now, though. Any with Ram Say as Castle Head Chef for instance.

Absolutely hilarious. :trollestia:

I loved it you got Gordon just right

Rather ironic that someone with the name 'Gourmand' looks emaciated and thin.

Well done, I needed this.

Comment posted by SupermanFanLovesMLP deleted Jun 12th, 2016

For a pony with the name of "gourmand" Zesty sure is thin.

Oh, and decent story. Nothing mind-blowing but it was a fun read and enjoyable.

up-voted and added to favorites list. this is without a doubt one of the funniest fics I've ever read.

Holy shit, you literally just captured the essence of Gordon Ramsay perfectly. This had me laughing so hard, fantastic!

Only gripe: You should've mentioned Cat Cora in the fic; she sat right next to pony!Ramsay in the episode.

Other than that, brilliantly done, and I find it satisfying that Zesty got her just desserts.

Congratulations, I giggled so hard at this that I started crying. Perfect!

Ramsay knows what's hot and what's not!

I really did not like Zesty, so this fanfic was awesome.

This is so fucking stupid.

I love it.

I've watched Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and Master Chef with my mom for YEARS, and let me tell you, you've got his personality down just right. The nostalgia is real :ajsmug: Well done!

7296012 "This Soup is Dry"


They live in a world where a filly can burn toast into a liquid state. They can find a way to make a soup dry.


:pinkiehappy: Muppets? Can I be Kermit? Or Gonzo?!?!

Also, did anypony mention how exotic and lovely you look, ma'am? Jamie Oliver and Rachel Ray! Back me up on this one, mates! She looks glamorous!

I'll back him up there!

"He should have his own TV show where he yells at chefs and it's like Hell and it's in a kitchen." Pinkie exclaimed with a silly grin.

Doesn't Tartarus's Kitchen already count for that, or am I thinking too much into this.

Either way great story.

You. You are my new favorite person.

Now I have a request. Can you, by chanceā€¦ Make Old Man Henderson?

The one so insane, so spontaneous, and so awesome that the Scale of Plot Derailment itself was named after him.

I am trusting you with this mission. Good luck.

This was great for a nice little laugh, very much enjoyed

Ahhh, I was hoping that someone would write this!


Good story :raritywink:

I like this!
This is at most, Teen rating by the way.
You can push the Teen rating quite a bit.

Ha! You got Gordon Ramsy spot on! :rainbowlaugh:

I've only ever watched Hell's Kitchen a few times. But I've watched enough to know how Gordon behaves and this was extremely accurate. Nice work.

>Sees chapter title
This is going to be Gordon Ramsay pony isn't it? :rainbowkiss:

Oh. My goodness. Did you rush this in order to get it out on the same day? :raritydespair:
You really shouldn't do that. I like the concept but it was ruined by the proofreading errors and questionable grammar that litter every paragraph. I can't upvote this. I want to, but I can't. :raritycry:

As much as I hate him in real life, this was pure gold.

Gordon Ramsey pony gave Zesty what she deserved.

You get a favourite, upvote, and a mustache, my fine friend: :moustache:

Oh man! This is gold. I tweeted Gordon Ramsay with a similar picture. I hope he replies me.

wlam #36 · Jun 12th, 2016 · · 28 ·

Brits can't cook worth ass so they're both wrong. Nyeh.

I was kinda hoping he'd have a ponified name (I've been calling him "Raw Fire"), but the story is good nonetheless.

Season 6 Episode 12 HISHE

Ah, I was waiting for someone to call Zesty out on her bull.. Who better than the King of Kitchen Vulgarity himself, Gordon [BLEEPING] Ramsay?

This is Brilliant!

Weird al is a brony so he STARS in an episode
oh that's cool
A Gordon Ramsay look a like kameos
Hoooooooooolllllllllleeeeeeeee shit!!!!1!1!!!!!!!!!

7297015 every thing they make tastes like a cookie with jelly in it

"Oi, Rarity, can you escort this mare back to plastic surgery?"

"Now, will you fucking SHUT UP? YOU JUST TALK CRAP! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!"

Good riddance to that snooty b:yay:ch.

Didn't even get as far as the first word and I am laughing

7296965 he kind of sounds like a young child complaining when it is slowed down like that

I want to see a video of Gordon Ramsey being nice to a shit chef, then some one giving him a snickers, and him just going to town on how shit the chef is. :trollestia:

The essence of Gordon Ramsay... you captured him perfectly. :pinkiehappy:

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