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Is it wrong to think Cadence is best princess? Is it wrong to think Feather Bangs is best pony? I certainly don't think so.


Feather Bangs was hungry for a meal and he ends up at The Tasty Treat. He tries the exotic food only to find out that it was made by Saffron Masala, the cook of the restaurant. Feather doesn't realize that Saffron also has a dad who knows how to handle stallions going after his daughter.

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"Here is what we are currently serving." The host said. Feather flinched when he saw the menu. The menu showed the cuisines along with very high prices. Feather thought that the restaurant was practically serving gold bricks to its' customers.

Seriously they still serve those kind of food and they expect us to pay this expensive food no thank you

Oh wow nice to see another feather Bang story here so it looks like he wanted to get some lunch but he didn't wanted to go one of those expensive and plane restaurants but it looks like he went to the most exotic restaurants and he really enjoyed the food over there and of course he saw the girl name Saffron but of course as figured the father got very overprotective with his daughter and even pulled a prank on Feather by giving him one of the most spicy food ever but despite that he did enjoy the food over there and even saffron gave him a little kiss if he wants to come by which I'm sure he would now this was a pretty funny story keep up the good work

Oh boy this lover boy here man lol

Hooo boy, do I have issues with Coriander's character. :rainbowlaugh: So obviously, in the show itself, we never got to see much of him in the first place, So I won't start raving about him being out of character - he barely has any to be 'out of'. Nay, the issue I have is with his apparent anger management/vindictiveness/overbearing protectiveness.
To break the situation down: Regular old customer comes in. Everything is fine. Customer walks into the kitchen and starts talking to the cook, complimenting the cooking. Coriander walks in, takes note of that and basically throws him out.
So far, so good. And I mean that: He, as the restaurant owner, had every right to do that. Actually, he was even required to do that, I'd say. It's about hygiene and safety measures. Customers aren't supposed to just... walk into the kitchen. So that's actually on Feathers.
Now, Feathers complimenting Saffron's cooking? That's fine. Really, it is. Who doesn't like to have his work appreciated? Who doesn't like to be told 'you did good'?
But then.
Then, he basically lost his sh*t.
Bringing that curry out to Feathers means, in short order: 1) Offering a meal that was not ordered/probably will not be paid (and is thereby a bad business practice); 2) endangering the health of another pony (a customer, no less!); 3) willingly accepting every other customer to bear witness to how somepony was freaking out and he just stood there, laughing his ass off.
With decision making like that, it's no wonder they almost lost the restaurant, really. I mean... he must know about the power of word of mouth, right? Ponies talk. Ponies will hear about this. Heck, he did not even know who Feathers was - for all he knew, he could have been the next food critic. Or the son of some influential high society snob.
He willingly endangered the reputation of his restaurant and the health of a paying customer to punish him for... complimenting the cook and walking into the kitchen where he wasn't supposed to be.
That's just... wow.

Adding to that, I found Feathers statement to be quite hilarious. He would have eaten the entire bowl of curry if she asked for it? No offense, but my friend: You fainted from a spoonful. Let me stress that. You f-a-i-n-t-e-d from a spoon full of curry. That's one heck of a strong reaction to spicy food. The entire bowl would kill you. That is, if you would actually manage to down it before fainting again. But I'm sure she appreciated the sentiment. :rainbowlaugh:

This had been funny to read.

Thank you.

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