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Is it wrong to think Cadence is best princess? Is it wrong to think Feather Bangs is best pony? I certainly don't think so.


Feather Bangs was going to take a mare named Strawberry Sunrise out on a date in Ponyville. When they first meet, Feather thought Strawberry was a nice mare. It wasn't until Strawberry finds some bits of apples in her food when things go wrong. Will Feather survive this one date with this strawberry obsessed mare?

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Hehe, I have been contemplating a Strawberry Sunrise story! Beat me to it. :D

Poor Feather. :fluttercry: I feel really sorry for him.
At least I know Strawberry’s weakness...think of apples as a torture method for her. :pinkiecrazy: [Maniacal laughter]

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