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Coriander Cumin and his daughter, Saffron Masala, are struggling with their restaurant. Business had been good and the reviews had been good, all except for one.

Esteemed food critic, Last Word, gave their restaurant a very scathing review. It was a crushing blow to their image as mob mentality settled in and less ponies frequented the establishment.

They need help keeping it open, so they turn to the only stallion they can think of that could be of any assistance, Tirek's Kitchen owner, Gordon Ramsay.

Will he be able to help them or is it a lost cause? Read and find out.

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I wish Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Dash had the Tasty Treat as a venu.

So AU where Ramsey, not Pinkie and Rarity save Tasty Treat? Just remember Ramsey isn't all swearing and insults.

You have my attention. I prefer Hell's Kitchen to Kitchen Nightmares, but this should be fun. Hopefully, this goes as well as the "Mama Maria's" episode instead of the "Amy's Baking Company" episode.

Eee i love Gordon Ramsey!!!!!! :heart:

Hopefully Gordon has a similar experience to the one he had in the episode with Momma Cherri's Soul Food Shack.


Does Ramsay have permission from Tirek to use his name and image?

Oh hell. Coriander is going to screw everything up, I just know it. Also, word of advice? Try and tone down the swearing just a bit. Seeing the word "Shit" 4 times in a a single paragraph coming from SAFFRON is just really awkward. From her father or Gordon, I could understand, but not from her.

She was frustrated, couldn't you tell?

Her father, Coriander Cumin, exited the kitchen, "I don't know why you're acting so surprised. We rarely see customers anymore, especially after that review from Last Word. She pulled no punches. I had never felt so insulted in my life! This place of business has been in Canterlot for years, she had no right disrespecting us that way."

"We both know that, but I have to repeat that for the audience's convenience". Frankly, the whole conversation between Saffron and her father is kinda stiff. Like, does anyone actually say "I will return momentarily"?

You make a valid point. Appreciate you being real about it.

Yeah, but the same swear 4 times is what threw me off. I half expected some swearing in Indian or something.

I agree with you. I'll just omit the swears in that paragraph and it'll be fine.

I made a minor change to it. It's still mostly the same cuz I know if I keep changing it, I'm gonna end up rewriting the entire chapter and I haven't got the time or patience for that.

I like the swares groden ramsy swares alot ur fine

Saffron, who was still washing dishes, turned to Coriander, "Father, don't be so stubborn. He is trying to help us. Don't you want The Tasty Treat to be the household name it once was? Ponies used to come from all over Equestria to eat here. Don't you want to return it to its former glory?"

Ooooh, That explains quite a bit. I guess Pinkie and Rarity DID save it, but something happened afterwards that caused them to falter and start failing.

Yes. That's what I was trying to get at.

Saffron shook her head in frustration, "This is exactly what I mean. It's miserable to work here now. It used to be fun spending time with you. Cooking together was how we bonded. We don't do it anymore. We bicker and argue over the most ridiculous things. This is why nopony wants to eat here. This is why the critics talk trash about us, this is why we never make any progress. Things like this, it has to stop, Father. I've poured my entire life into helping you keep this ship afloat. It's to the point where I'm pulling all the weight and you're just coasting at the top of the wave, taking all the credit for what I contribute as well. It's unfair. I'm sick and tired of it."

It's a similar situation as in the first chapter. Try to work the backstory into the narrative rather than having one character tell that to the other.

Oh ok. I'll be sure to work on it
Thank you.


Not bad. Kinda feels like their wasn’t much conflict though.

Thank you. I didn't think there was much either, but it was intended to be a funny feelgood kinda story.

I got to say that the dialogue is kind of wooden. But, you nailed Chef Ramsay's personality spot on. Like, I could hear his voice saying those things in the exact tone, cadence and volume he actually speaks with.

I'll be real, I didn't watch season 6 at all.

You don't need to in order to get the chef's personality right. Just enough to understand it.

Well that last chapter was rushed to fuck all

Yeah, I was neglecting it and was like: "Oh shit I need to finish this."

I might flesh it out later. Thank you for the honest feedback.


If Gordon Ramsay comes back and the kitchen is dirty he is gonna flip his beard

Saffron took a deep breath and entered the restaurant. Every table was full except one. The host, a young stallion from Prance, approached her, "Bonjour, madame. Are you dining in this evening?"

Is he meant to be a ponyfied Jean-Phillipe? Because JP's Belgian, not French.

They speak french in Belgium as well as German.

I know that. I just get annoyed when something Belgian, say Poirot, is mistaken for French.

Ah yeh. I can see how that could upset people.

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