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Even though this pony tried to take Sugar Belle from Big Mac, there are still things we like about this stallion! This group is dedicated to the Justin Bieber parody pony: Feather Bangs!

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One of my favorite minor characters(in a longggg list of them,but still)

Omg yay feather bangs! I actually used to know a guy a lot like him,anyway I usually tend to enjoy the minor/one off characters Like autum blaze,thorax,kurfuffle and miss cheerlee. they are all so YAY!PandaTasticaaal!!!ハッピ!熊猫惊人!!!

Again thank you for the invite

Childhood is thinking Big Mac deserved to be with Sugar Belle more than Feather Bangs.

Adulthood is realizing Feather Bangs got three cute girlfriends and a nice haircut.

Since he does have a tag, it would only make sense that he's given a role in MLP:ajsmug:.

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