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I love My Little Pony♡Friendship Is Magic~! 友谊是魔术

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  • 3 weeks
    Something kinda funny I heard soemone say one time.

    *_*I mean this in a bitchical-cynical way, but WTF~?!

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  • 13 weeks
    fun emoticons to use~!

    /(ÓㅅÒ)\YA lil’Bunny~!
    /(ÒㅅÓ)\No lil’Bunny~!

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  • 13 weeks
    Japanese honorisims

    Japanese Modern and Common Honorifics!
    (Koi is example name)
    ちゃん -Koi~chan~!*(friend)
    さん -Koi~san~!*(mister/miss)
    くん -Koi~kun~!*(dude-man)
    ちい -Koi~chiii~!*(your female friend)
    タン -Koi~tan~!*(baby, pet, being silly)
    ヘイカ -Koi~heika~!*(your highness,...)
    様 -0Koi~sama~!*(superior)
    ドノ -0Koi~dono~!*(master)
    しい -AKoi~shi~!*(we don’t know eachother)
    先輩 -AKoi~senpai~!*(upperclassman or your idol)
    おかさん -0kasan~!*(mom)
    おとさま -0tosama~!*(dad)

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  • 13 weeks
    Random cute story

    So a few years ago, me and my friend were eating lunch at school when suddenly some people ran through the room yelling “quick, in the front lawn! Before it ends!” Somehow at least over half the people in the room went outside to see a guy hopping towards one of my friends in a Bunny Suit, holding a sign that said “I was hopping you would go to the prom with me.” She said yes and they kissed twice. (Note: they recently started dating) The first lasted for a second because the guy said “Y’all

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va impression~ · 5:39pm July 28th

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Me too, except I do read Chinese but I'm not that good. I take weekly chinese lessons

Yes. I am Chinese-American. I actually cannot read chinese very well, I used google translate, but I do speak it.

That language on your description, Is it Chinese? Oh and nice pfp!

Howdy howdy!
Thanks for adding Taboo to your favorites!

Thanks for the watch.

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