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Is it wrong to think Cadence is best princess? Is it wrong to think Feather Bangs is best pony? I certainly don't think so.


After the defeat of the three villains, Discord was given a proper punishment for sparking all of the destruction the other villains caused. He was kept inside of a magical bubble under Canterlot Castle where he wouldn't do anymore harm. Discord gets a visit from the last pony he wanted to see: Fluttershy.

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I'm going to give an honest opinion here...while what Discord did was foolish, if I were Celestia and the Mane 6, I would have no one to blame but myself.
think about it, after Sombra's return and attack, although shining armor had the right idea about upgrading castle defenses, but why did they stop there? Didn’t anyone bother to check on tirek and cozy? Didn’t anyone bother to go out and look for chrysalis and capture her? As far as we know Twilight and the others never realized chrysalis found the location of the tree of Harmony before it was destroyed. And as for discord, although he’s reformed he’s still the lord of chaos and someone should have been keeping a very close eye on him. There were warning signs too Didn’t anyone think it was way too convenient for all that stuff at the sun celebration to happen at the same time? Honestly, it’s a miracle equestria has lasted this long with this kind of leadership

Other than that, pretty good story.

I blame the writers for such a stupid plot. I was looking forward to a battle against Grogar, what we got.....

Assuming it's possible, they should've removed all of Discord's powers. Like what happened to Fire Lord Ozai.

You have some good ideas, but the dialogue feels really stilted and unnatural.

All in all, not bad, but still.

That’s how I felt about it, too. Could’ve used a few more descriptive words.

I know. I can’t believe such a cool throwback character was fake :fluttershyouch:

Great work on this. Discord should have face some consequences for his actions.

Excellent job on this story!

Once again you pointed out the situation that discord did And I kinda agreed he should be held accounted for his action

Why didn’t we get this in the epilogue?

Seriously, great job with this story. You just earned a fav and a like. :pinkiesmile:

Having finally read this story, I will admit that it isn’t perfect. It’s mostly because, like TheAncientPolitzanian said, the dialogue wasn’t the most natural. Other than that, it felt like so many sentences were crammed together and needed to be made into their own paragraphs, the tenses seemed to be consistently shifting in and out of past and present, Discord wasn’t his usual self, and it felt like the story should’ve been longer in order for things to really breathe and develop.

But, I enjoyed the concept. When I first discovered this story, and even after I read it, I immediately couldn’t help but vision it as part of the canon of the show.

It isn’t my favorite story, but it is one that I’ll be happy to give you a Like for.

The princesses should've turned me back into stone!

Right about here is where the story kind of fails to be believable for me. Its pretty hard to believe after years of dodging responsibility for his actions Discord would suddenly develop a conscious this powerful, unless it was part of another trick.

There's also some stilted dialogue and odd word choices on top of that. Altogether though the correcting of Discord is a great premise that doesn't get enough attention as is and I enjoyed this take on it. I especially appreciate that you bothered to bring up A Matter of Principals since most writers don't bother to try and address it. All in all a enjoyable read of a story and I appreciate you writing it, although you might want to find someone who can work out some of the kinks in your writing if you wish to grow your skills for future attempts.

A certainly nice read seeing Discord facing more consequences of his iffy plan.
I feel like his plan did more damage than he realizes.
Such as how it damages the Royal Sisters' reputations further.
On their very last days as rulers, they ended up being "failures" again(no, distracting the trio and turning the powerless trio to stone doesn't fix that. In fact that last part made them look bad big time).
Even if Discord's plan didn't went haywire, Luna and Celestia are most likely going to get taken out and fail again.
While his plan would boost Twilight's confidence, it would most likely damage the sisters' confidence.
I feel like Luna would take it worse due to she didn't rule for much long and since her return from the moon she kept falling flat on her face when some villain attacks or she gets sidelined. That happening to her on her last days as ruler would damage her confidence badly. Especially since her track record looks worse than Celestia due to losing a 1000 years of ruling due to the NMM mess.
Discord really screwed the Royal Sisters there..

Heck, Discord sure is right to fear Spike would be mad at him. His plan affected Spike badly too.
With how Spike ended up brainwashed by Sombra(basically Discord shafted Spike due to he wasn't an Element Bearer pretty much) and most likely his status in the Crystal Empire got screwed up. And the fact he nearly had his wings torn off in the finale(and he might end up getting PTSD from that a certain fic showed the possibility of that)

I am sure Discord's plan also messed up Shining Armor's and Cadance's reputations at the Crystal Empire too with how Sombra easily took over again. Heck, the Crystal Ponies are probably traumatized by that and will never feel peace now that the very monster they thought was dead CAN come back somehow. Flurry Heart would most likely be traumatized too.

Scratch that. I’m suddenly planning on making my own story involving Discord and the aftermath of “The Ending of the End”.

Honestly, I’ll give discord a pass.

Well done. Discord is gonna be let out and thank goodness for that, I feel he does somewhat deserve this, not only did his plan cause two invasions, it traumatizes the Crystal Empire with the fact Sombra can come back, and it also affects his little friends Spike and Starlight since they were both mind controlled by Sombra, and the former almost got his wings ripped out and the latter had to deal with a vengeful Chrysalis trying to make her suffer.

At first when I put the comment, it was because he had a good motive, I still do think that, but now it’s because I’ve seen worse. It’s to the point where I’m like “you know what? Just forgive him/her and get it over with.” You know what I mean?

Would it address the issues of how Discord screwed the Royal Sisters over?
And the other damages such as what happened to Spike due to that plan?

At the moment I’m uncertain.

Should have been the same as the other 3. He was the benefactor after all.

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