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Is it wrong to think Cadence is best princess? Is it wrong to think Feather Bangs is best pony? I certainly don't think so.


Feather Bangs feels a bit down considering that tomorrow will be Hearts and Hooves Day where most happy couples would spend time with each other. That all changed when Zecora offers Feather a special bar of soap that will make him more attractive to mares. Little did Feather know, he will get more than what he had bargained for.

This idea was given to me by superfun.

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"What in Equestria is going on?!" A stallion's voice yelled. Feather turned to see Thunderlane and Bulk Biceps standing behind him. Both of the pegasai stallions looked completely unsatisfied with what they are seeing. Thunderlane looked at Flitter and Cloud Chaser. "We were waiting for you two and this is where you have been?"

Oh shoot thunderlane and bulk are not going to be happy with feather Bang 😅
Run feather run for your life

Well then that was a crazy story even on Valentine's Day or Hearts and Hooves Day so feather bangs went to Ponyville on to seek out a girl for a date but unfortunately so many rejection he received he started to feel like I'll never find a special girl in his life and then he saw Zecroa and told her basically he'll be alone on Hearts and Hooves Day but Zecora gave him a Love Soap that would attract a girl from that sense but she told him how to follow it but he refused or just ignored of what she said so what that he put all the soap on him which that's too much and thinking it's not working suddenly most of the girls even the ones who are dating with somebody fell in love with him and it just escalated so quickly but not only that he also got all the men in the town are really mad that he took all the girls which Yikes so basically he ran away and hidden then he saw Zecora and told them about the situation so he gave him a Elixir that will wear off so basically he has to hide but they keep finding him but Sunset came around and the Love Potion wears off and hopefully that will learn his lesson not to use the Love Potion because it was nothing but trouble lol well this was a fun story to read especially this dude Happy Valentine's Day or Hearts and Hooves Day

Just a little thoughts here I remember he went out with skystar seapony / hippogriff I wonder if he will go across Equestria to even see like the changeling hive yakyakistan Griffin Stone the dragonlands the Kirin Village the Crystal Empire to meet up any female creatures over there and I wonder if he puts any his charm on them

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