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Is it wrong to think Cadence is best princess? Is it wrong to think Feather Bangs is best pony? I certainly don't think so.


Blueblood was just another snobby prince from Canterlot. Although his life was full of pampering and special treatments, it comes at the cost of royal duties that makes him sick just from the thought of it. Blueblood finds a spell that allows him to switch minds with a pony similar to him. He thought it would be perfect as nopony will notice the differences and he will get out of his royal tasks. Blueblood finds the perfect candidate by the name of Feather Bangs. Little did Blueblood knew, switching minds with this stallion was a very big mistake.

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Great start! This story creates a very good depiction of how wealth doesn't always equal happiness; being rich can create problems that you wouldn't have otherwise, as Blueblood is experiencing. I clicked the tracking button; looking forward to more!

Another crazy adventure of feather bangs And I can't wait out this will work out I'm actually pretty intrested to your stories about this dude so keep up the good work

Great continuation! This story ends in a way that makes the next chapter especially worthy of looking forward to! I'm tracking this story, by the way; and have also added it to Favorites!

Poor Feather Bangs Got himself in this situation that Prince blood drag him in to this This is gonna be a very interesting story

I don't know if I would be able to handle Feather Bangs' situation. Waking up in a body not your own would be jarring. Waking up as a member of royalty, with all the treatment and specialties, right out from being an ordinary citizen... would also be jarring.

Now imagine both at the same time! :pinkiegasp:

I'm sure this was pretty challenging for a feather bang to do this Specially his out of elements But given his lack of Experience Of not being royalty He did not do a job as Prince blueblood thats good to him I wonder how Prince blueblood Do on his 1st day as a normal pony This should be very interesting to see lol cant wait

Oh my God Prince blueblood you're gonna screw up his life man If you're gonna be around people Specially his home town you better be respectful and hopefully don't mess up his friends Boy this was an interesting situation he was in I wonder how this will work out on his 2nd day including feather bang I still felt that for him That he got caught up on Prince blueblood plan

Well, this day definitely did not go as planned. :twilightoops:

I know he loves music but I never thought feather bang like those kind of music But then again Hes a poetry so ok and I'm not shocked that Prince blueblood Was never intrested to those Speak in of him I wonder was he doing in the other side during this day I guess we'll find out next time

I was starting to get a little scared that Feather Bangs would give himself away.

You could say that even if he did outright admit it, most ponies wouldn't believe him. But Princess Celestia, though? She must know about this swapping magic.

There are so many possibilities my mind is going to now. Looking forward to seeing what does happen!

Also because the opera was about a beautiful mare and we all know how much of a mare lover Feather is.

Aww Prince blueblood starting to have a heart now I guess this is a pretty good idea for him to learn about this And I still don't know about party favor and Sugar belle Are being related But it sort of makes sense I guess But I wonder how long can he keep this up including feather Bang I guess we'll find out next time

Wow, you're really fast at writing!

Aww poor Feather Bangs Little does he know Prince blueblood kind rude to rarity Back at the gala Something tells me this is gonna very interesting 4 feather but I wonder how is it gonna do this unless hes not I don't know Going to ask rarity on a date after Prince blueblood rudely did to rarity I guess where gonna find out another time

Oh man, I'd love to have breakfast with Princess Celestia!

I have the feeling that eventually both Blueblood and Feather Bangs are going to start missing their old lives and wanting them back.

Well That was something at least he had fun before he got hurt And I'm actually glad that he did not over react so thats a plus side

Love the injury and guilt part. Reminds me of the time I used that plot! I love to see other writers using it; I think it's something that should be written about more.

And Yoshifan30 is right, Blueblood's reaction was really good, and he did have fun prior to the injury.

That mare is nothing but trouble! She came to the Canterlot Castle during one Grand Galloping Gala and she demanded me to pay attention to her! She wanted me to open the door when I didn't want to dirty my hooves on the door knob. She insisted that I pay for her friend's food when I already have other ponies to pay for my things! The worst part of that night would be when a large cake was about to land towards me and I used that mare to block the splatter so I did not get any stains on my coat. But that mare began to shake off the cake and my coat became filthy! I have no clue on why the princesses still allow that mare to take part in events in Canterlot. There was one time when my Auntie Celestia allowed that mare to stay at the castle! I had to stay in my room until she returned to wherever dirty town she came from! You will appreciate my advice of staying completely away from that Rarity! It is for the sake of my good name and to prevent you from potential disasters that would ruin my good name!

You never had a good name You did this to yourself And you deserve a lot more for what you did back in season one You are a terrible pony And I don't know how did princess Celestia did not get angry with you specially to the element of harmony hero sigh Anyway that got me really mad At this character he deserve a lot of punishment :twilightangry2: At least feather Bang is better than you you jerk

' You're not convincing me, Blueblood ' Rarity said in her thoughts as she continued to smile as photos were taken.

I don't blame Rarity To be angry at this dude After what he did back in the grand galloping gala I'll punch him in the face if I have to Am I being too harsh on blueblood?

the flaw with this is since the vacation ep we know it Luna who enjoy classical arts, it be more likely celestia sleeping with that pillow then blueblood

personally it a matter of POV from bluebloods, she was just another gold digger something blueblood was probably use to attracting, she did expect him to fall madly in love with her and sweep her of her hooves, in essence live out rarity fantasy, treating her so poorly was a tactic to get rid of her and it worked, still doesn't excuse blueblood attitude and selfishness

interesting to see where the blueblood side with go with rarity and father bangs

nah it understandable he was by title a hero rarity looked up to with rose Coloured glasses not only did he reject her utterly but he did it in a jerky way she has every right to dislike him, and in this story blueblood literally stole a ponies body to get out of his responsibility's instead of just asking his aunts for time off or reduction in work, he a massive dick

Wow, this story took an interesting turn!

"B-Blueblood," Nightglider said with hesitation. "I appreciate you for telling those mares off. I didn't know what could've happened if you didn't speak out."

Wait nightglider knows his real name How did she figure that out?!

So blueblood is Still recovering from that injury so Nightglider still helping out but the those three girls Came in to help about which it's nice until They got a little hostile on Nightglider And I gotta say these girls are very vicious man but blueblood Finally said something and defended Nightglider from them and they need to calm the heck down too but anyway It was cool to see blueblood Defense somebody I hope in the end he will learn something and not being a jerk when he gos back to his body

No, I just forgot about that little detail. I fixed it. Thanks for pointing it out.

I really really loved this, Great☆Work!

"Perhaps this could be a sign that he wants to redeem himself to you? It's quite rare for stallions to change just to satisfy the mares they care about." Rarity only rose her head to give a growl at Sassy. Sassy stayed quiet as she slowly trotted to the next room.

If Only They knew that's not really Prince Blueblood but really feather Bang and if they do Switchback something tells me he will never know and he's still going to be the same selfish Prince yikes

Oh man that was crazy but it's also cool to see the story again so Rarity is still don't like prince Blueblood which understandable ( even though that's not him ) and she thinks that he's trying to embarrass her and trying to get her good grace which she doesn't buy it so Prince blue blood ( feather bang ) invited Rarity and Sassy to the party but of course she wasn't too excited she doesn't want to be there because of him lot of course Sassy convince her to come so they made it to the party and Blueblood ( feather bang) try to explain but then everybody got ambushed by robbers and Rarity almost got hit by the beans but Blueblood ( feather bang ) took the hit instead and it looks like he's hurt and It looks like Rarity it started to feel guilty about it I hope feather bang will be okay I guess we'll find out next time

Oh boy thinks were pretty shaken up it looks like there was a celebration at the town and it looks like blue blood wanted to help out with the celebration which that's pretty nice of him I guess but until the earthquake started and it looks like everybody was in The panic and some of the ponies will got injured not just there but in Canterlot as well but it looks like Princess Celestia use her Royal Canterlot voice to calm the ponies down which it works for blue blood as well and everybody was pretty surprised at how much he put in control and everybody thank him for that and he starting to feel appreciated the kindness that he's getting and it looks like his heart is growing full size hopefully he learns his lesson in the end of the day

Well then things could have gotten better for feather but anyway it looks like he was in the hospital after that Blast from the robber Princess Celestia was pretty worried what happened to her nephew even his Butler came to see him as well and also unexpected guess and very unhappy Rarity look I understand she's upset but she could have just at least say thank you but then again after her bad experience with Prince Blueblood I don't blame her to be angry with him after the grand Galloping Gala how can you forgive somebody like that and feather bang knows that not really helping the healing process from her but hopefully he'll be okay I wonder what Prince Blueblood is doing guess we'll find out next time

"You better keep your word, you spoiled prince." Rarity said before she slowly trotted out of the room, leaving Feather feeling defeated.

Sigh don't feel too bad feather Bang after Prince Blue Bloods reputation with Rarity I don't think you never had a chance with her not when you're in his body 😥

ironically feather Bang trying to be nice to her will backfire because when she realizes he really injured she feel guilty and worse for how she treated him after his good deed, guilt and shame for rarity that be a painful blow

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