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Is it wrong to think Cadence is best princess? Is it wrong to think Feather Bangs is best pony? I certainly don't think so.


Feather Bangs thought that his free tour to the cookie factory was going to be boring. That was until some ponies ended up becoming zomponies and started to attack. Now Feather Bangs tries to survive the newly formed zompony apocalypse while trying to win the heart of a certain white, unicorn mare.

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"Hey, cookie monsters!" Feather yelled which caught the zomponies' attention.

Cookie monster?

Ok wow this was a pretty interesting story it's kind of like a mixture of Resident Evil and Walking Dead at first I was thinking it was all for real but then he was just dreaming watching a zombie marathon.. or is it?

this was a pretty funny story and pretty brutal even though it was not real keep up the good work

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