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Is it wrong to think Cadence is best princess? Is it wrong to think Feather Bangs is best pony? I certainly don't think so.


After Cozy Glow was sent to Tartarus and the magic was returned to Equestria, Twilight and the school staff still had a matter to discuss with the rest of the students. All of the students were gathered to the main hall of the school to find out what their head mare had to say. Little did the students knew, it was mainly about them.

Suggestion of this story was given by BezierBallad

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Oof, that had to hurt. The students deserved those words though,

But there's a typo I saw.

"Attention students and teachers." Spike's voice said from the intercoms. "Please report to the main lobby for an important assembly. It will be given by our school's headman, Princess Twilight. That is all." The intercoms turned off, leaving the students confused from the sudden announcement. All of the students and teachers exited the classrooms to make their way to the main lobby. Some of the students talked among themselves while walking.

I must admit, that gave me a laugh :rainbowlaugh:

"I want to start with how Cozy was able to trap me in that bubble. She showed me the underground tunnels and told me that something was strange about it. So, I entered while Cozy was behind me. I soon found the magic circle along with the artifacts being part of the circle. When my mind began to wonder, Cozy kicked me into the middle of the circle where it activated and it trapped me in a glowing sphere." Starlight took a moment to breath heavily to calm herself.

Glad I’m not the only one who realized that this is most likely what happened.

Wow, that was a sudden yet much needed wake-up call to all of the Friendship students after their actions in School Raze, mob mentality is the worst!:twilightangry2:

As for Starlight I kinda figured that's how Cozy got her inside that magic bubble cause there was no way it would have been by force, especially after seen her fighting Crissy in the series finale. :rainbowdetermined2:

Thank you, for inspiring me to write this fic! :twilightsmile:

And it’s BezierBallad, not Ballard. :twilightsheepish:

Noted, I just made the right adjustments and now it’s fixed on the long summary thing.

A harsh but deserved lecture for all involved. They all believed a ten-year-old (at minimum) over six older students.

I certainly believe Twilight nearly closing the school again because of how despicable the students were for shoving the Young Six in to join Starlight. It also wouldn't surprise me if some of those students only enrolled at the school so they could get fame as one of the Elements of Harmony's students or favor with them.

Essentially putting the whole year on restart is the best option for all involved. Nobody gets a harsher punishment and the lessons are sure to be embedded into their heads with the restart being necessary since they didn't listen the first time.

I'm only surprised that it took this long for somebody to write a fic that called the students out for not paying attention to their lessons and nearly letting Cozy win.

I wrote a fic also involving the students’ actions towards the Young Six. It’s called I’m Not Worthy.

There’s a difference between one student feeling guilty and having the entire student body called out.

I meant both stories were involved with what happened in the Season 8 finale.

That’s why I made this suggestion.

Speaking of which, I had the same idea about how Cozy got Starlight in that magic sphere. That's probably the only way she could do it.

I felt devastated as I thought I didn't teach all of you enough about friendship. I also felt that I had to shut down the school because of my doubts.

The more I read that line, the more I wonder what would have happened if Twilight did shut the school down, and the implications of it.

The whole reason she opened the school was because she wanted to teach and spread friendship. If Twi closed it and stayed by her decision, would that be synonymous to giving up? Where would she go from there? Just go back to doing what she was doing in seasons 5-7, or even gain a somewhat more cynical look at Equestria? In an worst-case scenario, could she ultimately regress to how she more or less used to feel about friendship, if her doubts grew bad enough?

Pretty heavy stuff if you sit down and really think about it, and things like that can be the start of a path of darkness in extreme cases.

I haven’t really thought of what would happen. These could be the worst case scenarios:
- Twilight would get depressed like she did in School Daze Part 2.
- Neighsay would try run the school by accrediting it. It would be difficult for him since he didn’t make a good first impression to the students.
- The number of students dropped because of the guilt.
- In a short time, the school does end up getting shut down for lack of students.
- The Young Six continue to stay together with their guardians’ permission.

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Omg You actually point that out pretty good because you got a good point They should have shown us in a show That those students Who followed cozy should have known about what they did is bad.

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