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Is it wrong to think Cadence is best princess? Is it wrong to think Feather Bangs is best pony? I certainly don't think so.


In the Marks for Effort episode, Cozy Glow confesses her intended failure of her test to make things right with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Things didn't go the way it should be.

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Yeah I hated that Twilight would automatically assume the CMC would tutor Cozy the wrong way as an attempt to get into her school. Sometimes the series does this stuff as a desperate attempt to teach a lesson while making others out to look like hypocrites.

Will there be a sequal to this?

No, it’s one of those stories where the ending is up to what the readers will think will happen.

"You got us kicked out of the school!"

And threw herself under the bus for you, but whatever.

"Good intentions or not, that doesn't change the fact that you took our trust for granted."

Because you've never lied in this show huh Apple Bloom? Hearts and Hooves Day anyone?

Mostly because of Twilight as she just accused the CMC without hearing them out.

Yeah I hated Twilight's portrayal in Season 8 from way early on. This was merely one of the episodes that was responsible for ruining the character for me.

Dear Princess Twilight,

I think that it's best for me to leave this school as I messed up big time with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. I still have a lot to learn about friendship after what I did. Good luck running the school and please tell the Cutie Mark Crusaders that I'm extremely sorry for the actions I have made.

From Your Former Student,
Cozy Glow

Poor Cozy Glow back on the streets! :fluttercry: Probably safer that way for her and Equestria though.

I had to admit there is things that you pointed out pretty well Forgiveness can be very hard to earn sometimes and saying sorry won't cut it

I know actions can speak louder than words, but I really think Twilight should've apologized to the CMCs in that episode

You're no Princess of Friendship!

Even if it might feel good to see it, that still sounds just a bit too much coming from Sweetie Belle, especially since lines like that are almost always only said in fanfics, usually accusation fics.

I can see the CMC laying into Twilight though if they were hurt enough. I would have liked to have seen something like that in the show, BUT at the same time, how they didn't and chose to let things go showed a great deal of maturity that's beyond their years, and earned respect points from me.

That's stuff we really do need to learn, not just stuff we want to see learned AKA lessons we like. The later seasons of FIM did have some more mature lessons, but not ones like having to act like an adult, even during times you don't want to.

I think the CMC are maybe a little too harsh to Cozy Glow and Twilight, but I do feel like a call out like this was warranted. Twilight not only accused the CMC without proof but she also denied them any chance to state their side of the story. And considering she once mentored them you would think she would know better than to jump to conclusions, especially when she never said she was sorry in the episode for what she did. :twilightangry2:


Yeah, especially because Starlight did both in "A Matter of Principals".

I think the writer of "Marks For Effort" said Twilight didn't give a verbal apology because she (the writer) wanted Twilight to show she was sorry with an action, even though Twilight's given verbal apologies before many times over the seasons. That makes this one of those times where I'd have to point not at Twilight, but the episode's writer, since another writer may have had Twilight give a verbal apology like she usually does.

This is even more eye-catching when you think that the same writer wrote both "Marks For Effort" and "A Matter of Principals". So why didn't Starlight give a non-verbal apology in it like Twilight did?

Might consider doing a Fanfic Reading of this story however my fanfic reading uploads are loaded from this month to October. Not gonna upload readings in November and December is obviously Christmas related. So I might do a fanfic reading of this in the new year.

Comment posted by Omnipotence deleted Jul 15th, 2020

I’m sorry, but this story won’t have a sequel. The story is the kind where people try to figure out what will happen. I wanted to make that kind of story.

What other conclusion could she have reached? She knew the CMC (who know all about friendship) were tutoring Cozy Glow, and the idea that Cozy would intentionally fail the test never ocurred to her, nor that the CMC would be poor tutors. So to her mind, that left only one viable explanation.

Hmm. :applejackunsure: I don't know what to say about this.

This was good, though I would've preferred Twilight giving the CMC a verbal apology and let them explain themselves. Although, and this is just my opinion, the CMC telling Twilight she doesn't deserve her Princess of Friendship title was a bit harsh.

I feel like Twilight's habit of jumping to conclusions needs to be addressed at some point.

Well since the author said he wanted his story to be one where the audience comes up with what happens next; we could have the CMC still be mad but admit they might have been a bit harsh on Twilight. Twilight herself acknowledges the girls had a right to be upset with her and that she needs to stop jumping to conclusions.

However I still wish the show's writers could have done this episode better. Season 1 or 2 Twilight I could see making mistakes like this but Season 8? Don't screw over character development and growth just for the sake of a plot; I hate that.

I think they are kind of hypocrites here, given they attempted to trick their way into the School at the beggining of the episode...

And I do also wonder what Cozy will get up to now...

Please tell me you’re going to make a sequel


This is even more eye-catching when you think that the same writer wrote both "Marks For Effort" and "A Matter of Principals". So why didn't Starlight give a non-verbal apology in it like Twilight did?

Did the same writer really write both? Huh. Good to know. I need to research stuff like this more often.

Normally I don't read other people's fics, but I couldn't resist. Glad to see I'm not the only one who calls Twilight out for her reprehensible acts.



Edit: Piss off, SuperSonicHeroes (You have no fics posted, so you have no right to say such things)

Edit #2: Stop downvoting me out of petty spite, least you prove that you are in fact toxic and bigoted people.

And just like everyone else who ever tried, you make a complete idiot out of yourself in the process.
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When I first watched this episode, I felt that Twilight should've given a worded apology to the CMC. But now, I don't think it was necessary because she can't be blamed for what happened. I mean, Cozy pretty much told her that the Crusaders were responsible for her failing her test. So Twilight wasn't jumping to conclusions, but rather acting based on what she was told. And also, she had no reason to suspect Cozy was lying. The Crusaders really have no reason to be angry at Twilight either. Any reasonable person in their position would understand why she reacted the way she did and wouldn't hold it against her.

Ignore him. He's a troll.

Excellent work on this, this is what should have been in the episode.

Comment posted by Omnipotence deleted Jul 15th, 2020

Trust me, don't bother giving him the time of day, he only cares about harassing other bronies for liking what he hates.


Not Harassing you, or insulting you, just voicing my/other's opinions. (It'll help)

You see, the fact remains she still didn't hear the CMC out, and accused them wrongly for something they didn't do, which IS jumping to conclusions. That's why people are angry at her, and we feel the CMC are rightfully upset with her. She (as the fic stated) kicked every friendship lesson out the door.

Again, not trying to insult you or change your mind, just telling you WHY people feel and act they way they do.

After all, would you like it if someone accused and punished you for something you didn't do and wouldn't hear you out?

Maybe. But to be fair, the Crusaders didn't really do anything to defend themselves. When Twilight banned them from the school they just walked out without a word. If someone had accused me of something I didn't do, I would put up much more of a defense, and I'd only be angry at them if they still didn't listen to me.

And also, saying Twilight kicked every friendship lesson out the door is a bit of an overreaction

Just forewarning you, you're talking to someone who hates everything about Twilight and the entirety of MLP for nonsensical reasons. As far as he's concerned, literally anything and everything Twilight does, be it right or wrong, warrants scorn and hatred.

I can’t even be mad at the crusaders. Also, isn’t cozy glow a villain at this point of the story?

Well, she first appeared as innocent. Until it was hinted on the later episodes that she was evil.

What episode was that?

Marks for Effort. We thought that she was just another student needed help. That was until episodes like Friendship University and What Lies Beneath made us think that Cozy was up to something.

So before those episode’s she wasn’t evil? Because I don’t think it was revealed when she turned to the bad side.

I have no idea. I assumed she was nice when she first appeared.

This isn't a completed story. You need a part 2 or you got to add more to it. You got to have some way for Twilight and the CMC to forgive and then you got to have them forgive Cozy Glow. I liked the one story where Twilight went to the treehouse to talk to the CMC and the CMC had such an emotional cry about what Twilight did in hurting their feelings and Twilight sat down and put her wing around the girls as they cried. You need something like that. It just seems incomplete as you left too many things unresolved.


Just answering for you...

The author intended it to stay this way to let US, THE READERS, decide the ultimate fate (The part 2) and it's not a bad move. It compels us to make our own stories.

They don't really need to.. It's their story, after all.

So I could write my own version of this? The author wouldn't get upset, would he, or she?


I've often been thinking of adding to this... like my own second chapter, not sure the site allows that


YOU... don't mind (That's fine, and very kind of you) but does the SITE allow it...

Still, I've done things like this before, and I never got in trouble for it (on other sites)

Well, anyways... thank you

I know Twilight still has things to learn, but here’s the thing; would it really be remotely possible to convince the student you’re teaching that the Princess of Friendship is “Your Mom”?


I know you didn't ask ME, but I'm just giving my own two cents.

No, I don't think it's possible. Twilight thinks the CMC made Cozy put in false answers, so they could have posted anything.

"Your mom"

"A turtle"

"A goat with corkscrews for a head"

...like that. (Still incriminates Twilight)

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