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Hello everyone, I think we can all safely say that there are episodes of mlp where somepony says or does something that we would consider either unforgiveable, or just way harder to forgive, and they don't even regard it as something to NEED to forgive. Such as when Luna first came to Ponyville and Pinkie ket getting everypony to be scared, "Sometimes it's really fun to be scared!" Would have gotten her bitch slapped if I was in the place of either Twilight or Luna I WOULD HAVE SMACKED HER for making Luna feel so hated. Or on Boast Busters (Mare do Well) If I were rainbow I would have decked the other mane 6 in the face for having the gall to teach HER a lesson for milking appreciation from the populace for saving people, WITHOUT ASKING FOR ANY OTHER REWARD, no pay at all.

This Group is for fanfics where instead of persisting, Luna got really depressed and Pinkie gets chewed the fuck out. Or Rainbow feels really hurt and betrayed (reason why she is the element of LOYALTY). Or even go so far as for someone (God forbid) actually questions why the elements turn discord to stone, instead of fixing his mind like it did with Luna. Reason being because discord is PART OF HARMONY, Celestia and Luna represent Order, He represents Chaos, when he got turned to stone, had one of them changed to represent chaos, the world would be balanced. They can't cure him, cuz there's nothing to cure, the elements aren't good or evil, they're nuetral. Discord was exactly how he was supposed to be, so they made him dormant for a while.

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370192 What about Magic Duel, Ponyville Confidential, Dragon Quest, Spike At Your Service, Luna Eclipsed, Stare Master, Boast Busters, Putting Your Down, Just for Sidekicks, Owl's Well that Ends Well, Baby Cakes (It's Almost Like Those Rugrats/Tom & Jerry/Johnny Bravo Babysitting Episodes) (and SOMEPONY PLEASE EXCLUDE MR. CAKE GRABBING THE DIAPER FROM HIS MOUTH!!! That was Disgusting!!!), Return of Harmony, The Canterlot Wedding... Looks Like We Got Some Episodes to Fix!!!

I Think Linkara's Breakdowns Put it Best for the Fans who Hated these Episodes

Could you possibly set up categories like "Mare-Do-Well", "Boast Busters", etc.?

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